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    Tortoise sick, 4 month old

    I can't take him to the vet due to financial situations. He was eating very healthy and seemed ok, but his shell was allways extremly soft allmost like leather. I wish a vet visit was cheap as one visit can cost me as much as a weaks income for me, been still in collage. I don't know what...
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    Tortoise sick, 4 month old

    Can you take him to the vet? I remember my little leo had exactly same symptoms - very lethargic, hardly open eyes, did not eat, white film over his eyes, and his shell underneath was soft to touch. I did not know how serious it was until it was too late. Is your leo healthy and eating well...
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    Very Sad Day

    Sarah, So sorry for your loss. I remember talking to you months ago last year since we both have babies that did not gain any weight. Well, my baby died when he was 4 months old and stayed so tiny at the end. You have tried your best to take care of her and sometimes it just does not mean to...
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    My tortoise misses her food?

    Does your tort gain weight despite the eating issue? I used to have a baby leopard that missed his food a lot. Unfortunately, he died and he did not gain any weight since I had him. It could be other cause for his death but I think his not being able to target on food has made him unable to...
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    BYE, BYE, "CC"

    How old is CC? She is so cute.
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    Hatchling Sulcata keeps flipping over!

    Don't worry. I think he will outgrow it. My two hatchings did the same thing in the beginning and flipped over many times. I remember I had to rush home all the time to find out if they are ok. But after a while, they stopped flipping over when they got used to their set up.
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    2 bulbs blown in 2 months: Zoomed powersun 100w

    I have purchased three new powersun 100w bulbs in the past two and a half months. My first powersun bulb needed manual adjustment for it to light; the second one suddenly turned itself off. I have the third one for two months now and it is working fine.. hope it will last for a while.
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    Stella and Ruby meet up outside.

    They are both so cute. If they get along then may be I should consider getting my DEE DEE a sister too....
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    Another Leopard hatched from different clutch: Look at markings

    The markings are beautiful and they are too cute to resist...
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    Hibiscus leaves any good?

    That is a very good source of nutrient in the Hibiscus plant but my tort won't eat it. May be the leaves are kind of hard compared to the other veggies I offer her.
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    Did I overfeed my baby leopard?

    It was so funny, just a few months ago, I started a thread asking advice on my underweight baby who did not gain any weight. Unfortunately, the poor baby did not make it and he only weighted 20 grams at 4 months old. About 5 weeks ago, I've got another baby leopard who is 6 weeks when I...
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    In The ER

    I am so glad of the improvement even though it is hard to see him go through all these. He is so lucky to have you. I admire your courage to take him and fight with him in this battle. Pray for speedy recovery of little Chekov.
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    Tortoise stopped moving all of a sudden

    My last leopard baby was 4 months old when he died. He did not gain any weight since I had him for about 3 months. He weighted only 20 grams. He did not have any obvious symptoms of being sick. It just suddenly he slowed down and not eating. Like your tort, my baby had problem eating, he...
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    Cherryhead Triplet Update...three months

    Great pictures and heartwarming update. Looking forwarding to more news from the triplet. Thanks for sharing.
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    Baby Tort died this morning!!

    Sorry for your loss. I read your previous threads and noticed that there were a lot of similar symptoms between your Dozer and the leopard baby I loss a month ago: not eating properly (could not target at food), not gaining weight, slowing downand becoming less active, closing eyes at the...
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    Is tem drop to 78 ok for baby?

    Not trying to be rude... I remember you have a golden greek that was very sick and has eye problems but you could not afford to see a vet. You said you sent him to the animal shelter last time and now you said you still keep him. So what exactly is happening to the poor sick tort? It's none...
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    Do infrared heat lamps disturb sleeping?

    I used the infrared red heat bulb also. I also noticed that my little tort walking around under the bulb around 4 a.m. almost for a whole week or so. But eventually he got used to it and he was able to rest especially now that the weather gets colder. I always have to wake him up in the...
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    Lepoard has been arrived.

    Congrats to you! So how many torts do you have besides these two baby leopard? What happened to the sick greek tortoise you had before?
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    Stupid fedex!

    When I ordered my hatchling last time (the first time also) I was so worried. It took about 17 hours to get to me. In fact FedEx delivered an hour before the promoised time of 10:30 a.m. for overnight deliverery and the little thing was just fine. THe head pad was still warm when I opened the...
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    Need 100w powersun bulbs?

    I ordered one...paid around $21.00 (tax and shippment included) Just received it yesterday. It seems to work fine...wish I had ordered more. Thanks guys for posting the ad!