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    Not sure what these are?

    Clovers? Two vines i found in the back yard
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    My Humble Russians Home updated!

    My dad and i finally had a chance to work on the pen. We built a cinder block home for her to escape the rain and hot sun. It's elevated on wood and top soil, so when the rain come, there's no way it will flood. We also placed a thick layer of plastic bags under the roof just in case for rain...
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    Wanted: Female Russian Torts!

    I've been looking for female russian tortoises to adopt that are 6 inch plus for breeding. I'm not a hardcore breeder, just want be able to experience having hatchlings and eggs. I've been trying very hard to improve my outdoor enclosure and also my diet, its quite challenging but i'm getting...
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    This is Hisbiscus right?

    I just want to make sure if this is hisbiscus, before i plant it in my enclosure.
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    Hows my diet looking?

    For two weeks now i have been feeding my two RT collard greens, green lettuce, turnip greens, and kale with a sprinkle of timothys hay on top :D
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    How should i close off my enclosure??

    I'm not sure what to do to close off my enclosure, should i use chicken wire?
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    The first one is plantain right? i just want to make sure. thank you guys, appreciated. plant 1 plant 2 plant 3
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    Any idea?

    Found these in my back yard, was wondering if any of it is edible.
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    Russian Shell

    Does my Russian's shell look okay? adopted him from a lady 3-4 weeks ago.
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    Where to place my hides?

    I'm planning to build cinder block hides for my 2 russian tortoises, because i heard they were better at keeping it cool than plastic. But i'm not quite sure where to place them? should they be place in the sun or in the shade? i'm also planning to plant plants on top of the cinder. This is what...
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    ID please!

    Not sure if i should feed this to my tortoises, my dad just brought it home. here's a closer picture
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    Upgrade of outdoor enclosure!

    What do you guys think? is the hide too big?
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    sight barriers?

    Was wondering what are some good things to use for sight barriers or hides to make it feel more like home for my russian tortoises?
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    Needing help with outdoor enclosure!

    Hi my name is Joseph, I live in Austin Texas. I built this outdoor enclosure just a week ago, and was wondering what I could do to improve. I have a Russian male and female. The plants on the left side are sweet potatoes if anybody is wondering. What should I plant?
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    Hi my name is Joseph and I love tortoises! I'm from Austin Texas, very new to this so please show me the way! :D