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    Taking cues...

    So aside from the care sheets, how much do people vary enclosure parameters based on activity? I've got 2 small Hermanns in a 5x2x2 closed chamber and have noticed activity is down since dropping temps to a normal range, 78 cold end, 84 warm end, 110 basking spot (it's hot but they use it...
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    Basking spot temp

    So if a basking site of 95 is good... is 105 too hot? I've got one end at 78, the other end is 85.
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    Thank You HermanniChris! (HC)

    The elusive care sheet that everyone refers to seems to not be easily found via tapatalk, which is all I use for this and several other forums. That said... I found a link and it completely changed what I am doing and what I plan to do with my Hermanns. I'm going from a closed vivarium to a...
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    Brocco Leaf?

    Can't find anything on it except it's a new superfood. Looks like a large Brussels sprout.
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    Best Tips?

    So far... The terra cotta pot base for a water dish and the cuttlebone. I'm pretty sure Tom's responsible for the dish... I keep 2 in their enclosure that are a perfect size to soak, one usually stays clean... smart torts! Threw the cuttle bone in yesterday... they both have munched on it...
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    Succulent identification:

    Bought these at Home Depot assuming the tags would give an id. I've been searching all morning with nothing conclusive since there are just sooo many closely related plants! And help would be much appreciated... they seem pretty common. Thanks in advance!
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    Hermanns hatchling pairs?

    Tried searching... I know TSFIMF... But I was unable to pin down specific advice since most threads are either general or not applicable to my situation. I have 2 young hermanns from the same clutch, and I went from buying one to a pair based on the breeders recommendation. Note: I bought 6...
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    This place is hopping! (Quite un-tortoise-like!)

    Recently picked up a pair of baby Dalmatians, so I have to catch up on the hobby. Inherited a Sulcatta many years ago that I had for awhile... that sucker was a heavy 12"er... way different from my new little guys. Matt from New City, NY... Architect.