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    Hi all! I was wondering why veggies I should feed my Russian tortoise? Can anyone help?
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    Boy or a girl?

    I'm having trouble identifying wether my Russian tort is a girl or a boy? Can anyone help? Thanks!!!
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    Is spinach okay to feed my tortoise? What should his diet consist of?
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    Uploading photo problem

    Hi guys. When I try to upload a profile picture it says the photo is too large? How do I fix it or make it smaller?! Thanks!
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    I have the jungle mix mulch bought from feeder supply. I noticed as I was cleaning out the mulch that there was tiny little black bugs moving around in it... Is it normal or should I buy a different bedding for it?
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    Hello everyone- I'm Emily. I got my First tortoise on Christmas as a surprise! I'm still getting used to feeding him the right diet , having the best enclosure, and cleaning his cage regularly.. I just wanted to say hello! :)