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    Small Breed Tortoise in OH

    It is reasonable to wonder about the degree of preparation based on the initial post. Leopard torts cannot be considered small and a quick review of prices on two popular retail sites shows that it is nearly impossible to find single hatchlings for $100. Maybe the response was a tad abrupt...
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    Breeding Sri Lankan Star to Indian Star

    I have a different take. Hobbyist breeders are just trying to get husbandry so refined that the animals breed. No wild population will be reintroduced because of some random animals bred in captivity. As far as we know, Sri Lankan stars and Indians have the same DNA. Breed away and make wild...
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    Gender help part two

    One more time: I think this one is a female, the same one as my earlier post. But.....
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    Gender help

    Thank you for your comments.
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    Gender help

    Male on right, female left? I feel sure about the male: concave plastron, long tail. The other isn't so clear to me. That one is shallow concave, but the cloaca seems to be near end of tale.
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    Homopus signatus signatus

    Thanks. I really like that site.
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    Bell's baby pics

    Breeding any tort is an accomplishment but more so when it's an odd and usually imported one. Very impressive and congratulations.
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    Homopus signatus signatus

    Do you have a link to Homopus stud book regulations? I'd really like to know more. I know there is one for radiated and ?burmese star. Anything else?
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    Ads are on Kingsnake and Fauna Classified. Babies $400-500 plus shipping. Someone on KS claims to have a long term colony and sells older animals for more $ but they would presumably be more established.
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    Siblings of new hatchling.

    2.5 months old.
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    Pancake hatchling

    One picture has pristine egg, another with an area where the hatchling has been scratching on the inside- taken last night. The hatchling is new this AM and is still curved over like it was in the egg.