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    Not sure what these are?

    Thank you yvonne!
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    Not sure what these are?

    Clovers? Two vines i found in the back yard
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    Yermak the Russians Thread i think 70-80 is a little high for russians, 60-70 should be the perfect level of humidity for them. If u want to keep it at a constant humidity level, buy one of these humidifier...
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    Yermak the Russians Thread

    Russians does not require a high level of humidity like the Red foots, so spraying the enclosure 2 to 3 times a day should do the trick. Having some kind of lid over the top should help keep in the humidity.
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    Yermak the Russians Thread

    Yea, she's definitely a girl! yay now you know! haha
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    Yermak the Russians Thread

    I have a feeling Yermak is a girl, can you flip her over and show us a picture of her tail so we can help you identify her sex for you? She's looking super happy by the way, great job ;)
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    Closed chamber and outdoor enclosure

    I really like what you've done, great job!
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    New fence for Zulu

    Wow that looks awesome, great job! wish i had that much room lol
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    Hot hot is too hot outdoors

    I live in texas and it gets to the three digits quite often, i keep my russians outside 24/7. It looks like you got alot of shade for them, so there shouldn't be any worries, they're made to withstand heat.
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    russian sleeping too much?

    It doesn't look too bad, but russians need A LOT of room because they like to roam thats why an outdoor enclosure is always better if you have room for one and the condition is right. Glass is a no bueno, you don't want them to know that theres a bigger world out there that they can roam...
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    My Humble Russians Home updated!

    It actually rained really hard a few days ago, and the plastic did a great job at keeping the hide dry. I don't have an indoor enclosure, because i never take them in so thank goodness it works.
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    Not worth the money, you can find much larger container (totes) at home depot for 30-50 bucks, get two and connect them for even more room, the bigger the better.
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    New enclosure in the making

    Don't forget to water proof the wood or else it will mold. Looking good, can't wait to see the finishing product.
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    New with a juvenile red foot!!!

    Hi! welcome to the forum. I dont' know much about red foots, but its very likely that its not a good idea to feed worms too much. Weeds and vegies is the safer route. I suggest slowly adding greens into with the worm, and slowly taking the worm out, only feed it every other day or...
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    Russian tort enclosure size

    an outdoor enclosure would be best for russians if that's an available option in your area.
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    Tanker doesnt want to eat much.

    Try not to feed him, let him get hungry and then try feeding the greens. Hope that helps.
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    My simple indoor enclosure

    It looks good, but i dont' see a basking spot? it probably could use a rock or something to bask on, temp should be 90-95. The bigger the better, especially for torts!
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    Renovating the red foot enclosure

    That looks awesome, great job and keep going! more pics too!
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    Outdoor enclosure remodel in progress -- seeking input

    Its looking good! And yes you could definitely use some sight barriers such as; plants, rocks, logs, anything! Try growing testudo mixes from tortoise supply, or even spineless prickly pair cactus, which are super easy to grow. You want to keep it humid, so water it twice or once a day isn't a...
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    Need ideas for an outdoor enclosure hope this helps. goodluck!