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    Burmese Brown Mountain tortoises?

    I know there is a guy who is breeding them and selling them on this site (bluebeast), but does anyone else have a personal experience with them? Are they like the red foots of the cooler climates in asia? I know that they are omnivorous to an extent and need high humidity levels, but not much...
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    Tortoises that live in cooler climates?

    Are there ANY types of tortoises that live in cool (20(coolest)-110 degrees farenheit?) I'm just wondering, because I know that there are a lot of species out there, tropical and desert, so I'm wondering if there are any cool weather ones
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    Good popular tortoise site

    Does anyone know a site that sells tortoises in relatively good condition? Last I bought from that, but there was no certificate, or that guarantee a parasite free tortoise... and it ended up my tortoise had a severe parasitic infection. Anyway, what's a good popular breeder that...
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    carolina supply questions

    Hello, I was just wondering whether their products actually work and had anyone bought their massive plantains or dandelion seeds. If you were to choose would you get the russian seed mix and do you think you could mix them with the dandelion seeds and plaintain seeds (because they're sold...
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    Some help please

    Hello, sad to say but i think Kevlar may have septicemia... I'm not certain however the carapace of his shell had been turning a faded reddish pink. His plastron is fine, shell is hard, he's even passing waste. He has been sleeping a lot more and drinking a lot more though. I know what's best is...
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    Growing with Calci-sand

    Can you grow pants in calci-sand, because if grass or chicory is grown on the sand... it SHOULD have a good calcium content in them, right? Or are you better off with regular dirt I heard chicory is a very absorbant plant when it comes to nutrients, etc. Like how its high in calcium, and...
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    Heart shaped birthmark!

    This is Kevlar As you know, he's somewhat... Out there Well I thought it was time to show off his birthmark (yes he's always had this, and it doesn't seem to bother him) ...Isn't it an eerily cute proportionate heart? <3
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    Kevlar pics! :)

    [hr] (would this thread be better off in the tort pics and vids? Sorry posted without thinking)
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    Funny thing happened

    Well, okay it might not be super hilarious but it was cute. I had just finished feeding Kevlar outside (he even ran around a lot and snapped at a fly). When he was back inside in his enclosure he climbed into his waterdish and seem to just stand there. It ended up he was falling asleep!(he even...
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    Should tort diets include pictures?

    I've seen a lot of tortoise diets for one species of tortoise, and sometimes the lists are so different its hard to choose which is truly safe to use. However, at the same no one should religiously follow a diet that not many people go by, nor should they not trust it. As well many people could...
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    Are leopards shy?

    I've noticed topics where people have troubles with their shy torts. My Kevlar is pretty fearless, but I just wanted know if anyone has a tortoise that barely hides his head. I find it interesting how many perspectives can be mentioned on one topic, especially considering the tortoise's...
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    Tortoise doesn't like hay... yet

    My baby leopard tortoise kevlar, needs to learn how to eat hay, and I need to learn ways for him to get into the stuff, and wean him off of the spring mix as a main diet. So far I blended orchard and timothy hay and some water and it looks like freshly cut grasses, but he hasn't touched it yet...
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    Baby leopard

    Hello, just wanted to say my baby leopard came in on the second, and he looks fine and dandy; however, since he was accustomed to eating pellet food he was a really picky eater and the only thing I've gotten him to eat is chicory. Anyone have any tips on introducing them to dried orchard grass...
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    [Feeding]-How much should I feed a baby leopard?

    Hello, :) I'm going to get a leopard tortoise soon. We're searching for the youngest possible; however, I'm not sure how much I should feed himher lol. I'm most likely going to dust himher's food with calcium, and feed daily, but what are good portions for them (A formula could work too, like...
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    About that fiber stuff

    You know how they had that dissolvable fiber powder? Or even those fiber cereals? I'm not going to be an idiot about this, but like; would these work for tortoies at all? If I were to get sugarless cereals that were high in fiber would that be okay? Or if I wash a tortoise's greens in a...