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    Pet Smart sold to private investment group. May present an opportunity to influence the care of torts in stores.
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    UK Turtle Problem
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    Who would you invite to your wedding?
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    Belgian Endive vs Endive

    Hi everyone, I've found that my Russians seem to prefer Belgian endive to the green somewhat leafy green type of endive. I've been offering it to them about twice a month during the colder season. I still offer the standard endive but they do not seem to eat it as eagerly. Any...
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    Hi Gang, Just to brief everyone. For some reason my computer/browser would not allow me to automatically log in as it normally did. Having eliminated the email account that I originally registered under; I found I could not retrieve my password and being older than most I surely could not...
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    Should Forum Members Rate Pet Stores?

    I've noticed a large number of posts regarding less than stellar conditions for tortoises being kept in pet stores. Would a members rating system provide any incentive for the store managers or owners to improve their care standards? Or perhaps the increased business directed to better pet...
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    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Just a reminder ......The heat of summer is upon us! Make sure your torts are protected from the extreme temperatures. Some areas are predicting record highs for this weekend!
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    Shell development ancient turtles.

    Saw this on the BBC website.
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    Cool Spring has impact on Sea Turtles?

    Just saw this article on line and thought I would pass it on to the forum readers.
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    PBS turtles

    PBS now showing rare softshell turtle on PBS Norfolk, VA
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    Coast Guard Rescue Flight Link gives story of 35 sea turtles stunned by cold and relocated to Florida.
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    Salmonella peanut butter was not the reptiles. Link to FDA recall of several foods.
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    Poor treatment of turtles and canebrake rattler