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    growing food ... supplements?

    I have a 3 months old baby russian and live in a winter cold, high altitude state. Frost came early and my garden weeds are dead so ... I am considering growing some food for my baby. Does anyone here have experience with the seed mixes advertised for tortoises ( like from Carolina Pet Supply...
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    our new Carol baby

    We have a new baby :-) This beautiful, 2.5 months old russian hatchling joined our family 2 days ago. He/she is from Carol S. and we are already in love with our "Turtwig". I am amazed how fearless this little one is: he eats from our hands, doesn't seem to mind us standing around watching him...
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    Carol S.- great!

    I just bought a hatchling from Carol S. It was an excellent experience! Communication with the seller was prompt and all my questions were answered. We chose a hatchling that is about 2.5 months old. I loved that Carol keeps the babies for a little while until they are at least a few months old...
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    Christmas Tree totes ... available now

    I just ordered am IRIS Christmas tree totes at Walmart .... I never know when the next little rescue tort will stop by ... great large boxes for a great price ... I hope a lot of people will buy them as otherwise I am worried they won't make them anymore and they are my favorite animal rehab -...
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    rescue Boxie - what is next?

    I just took in an ornate box turtle who was brought into the local shelter as a stray ( whatever that means is anyone's guess) ... They assessed him ( gender a guess ) and thought him in rough shape... thin, overgrown beak, overgrown nails, soft shell. Vet stated that they did not have the...
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    rescue tortoise - what now?

    Yesterday I rescued a russian tortoise - I just could not help it -Poor thing lived in a 10 gal fishtank with nothing but paper shreds. The family she belonged to thought she was a box turtle ( and fed her only two things - iceberg letuce and box turtle food) - she had a 60W desk lamp and a tiny...