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    How old!

    Hey, I have a little greek spur thighed tortoise, we were given him and we dont have any idea of his age? He is quite small in comparison to our mediterranean spur thighed who is 7 years old. The Greek's shell measures 4 inches (10cm) long and just under 3 inches (7cm) wide Any ideas? Thanks
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    Which breed is my tortoise?

    What breed is he/she? I have been given a tortoise by my neighbour who found it in the field behind our house (we already have a spur thighed) We dont know which breed it is or its age any suggestions? it measure 4 inches (the shell) has a large tail, spur on each thigh, green/grey coloured...
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    New member

    Hello I'm a new member from southcoast of England. I have 2 tortoises Jimmy and geoffrey :tort: