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  1. Ben02


    Managed to catch my baby hog island boa yawning:)
  2. Ben02

    Mazuri UK

    Mazuri or “Nutrazu” as it’s called in Europe is being sold on eBay finally! I’ve had to get it from much more expensive companies in the past. I’ve bought some and it’s the real deal so I hope this helps people out:).
  3. Ben02

    What species is this?

    I’m trying to figure out what species of tortoise this is. A guy on Facebook has asked for it to be identified. The enclosure is another issue that needs sorting aswell. The pic I’ve included isn’t very clear but I have asked for some carapace and plastron pics too. Thank you!
  4. Ben02

    Jamaican boas

    I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing Jamaican boas, these guys are listed as a vulnerable species unfortunately and all the pictures you are about to see are of wild caught individuals who were illegally taken years ago from their native home. This species has really grown on...
  5. Ben02

    Bladder stone!?!?

    Today when I was shifting the soil in Selma’s enclosure I found a small crystal like stone. I’m a bit worried whether or not it’s a bladder stone. I bathe daily for 30 mins at the minimum and do my old “Mazuri in the water bowl trick” to force them to drink twice a week. He’s otherwise acting...
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    Selma did one of those pee/poop combos today but the the pee was a cloudy white/grey Does this look like urates?
  7. Ben02

    Tort penis question

    Selma my one year old Greek did a poop today but just before this, his penis came out and shuffled around abit followed by the poop. Does this sound normal?
  8. Ben02

    Hydration tip

    Hi all, I’m probably not the first to suggest this idea but I’ll put it back out there anyway. I like to make sure my tortoises are hydrated, I do this by placing a couple Mazuri pellets in their water dishes. Every time they go for a bite, they gulp down water with it, I know this works as...
  9. Ben02

    Yearling bathing

    What age can I start giving my yearlings a bath every other day? I’ve been bathing them daily for a year which was no problem but I’m just wondering. Thanks
  10. Ben02

    Fussy eater

    Recently, my yearling Greek has shown that he is in fact a male. He flashed his penis very often and seems to be having a lot of fun with it if you know what I mean:eek: My concern is that he doesn’t seem to want to eat a lot of greens, he will have a munch but that’s about it. He will however...
  11. Ben02


    Today one of my tortoises starting pooping but it was quite unusual. She started digging with her back legs (typical of a pregnant female) but then out came a big poop! She also opened her mouth a couple times while pooping. What does this mean, she’s a year old by the way.
  12. Ben02


    I’m still learning about urates in tortoises. So my 4 tortoises haven’t produced urates for months, I’ve been told that that’s because they are hydrated. But do too much oxalates cause more urates and does it make them gritty?
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    Does this Mazuri packaging look legit and appropriate for torts?
  14. Ben02

    No urates

    Hello, I have 4 tortoises, 3 yearlings and a five year old. My question is that does no urates mean they are fully hydrated? Ive seen no urates for months. I bathe the yearlings every day and the 5 year old 4x a week. My understanding is that urates is reused water.
  15. Ben02

    Baby red foot prices?

    Im a Greek tortoise guy myself, I don’t know how much you would pay for a baby red foot or Sulcata. I saw this tort breeder on Instagram who was selling baby red foots and sulcatas for $49.99 each. Isn’t that a bit cheap? The sulcatas were also listed as “spur thigh tortoises” which could cause...
  16. Ben02

    Torts righting themselves practice

    I had a thought today while reading another members post that would it be beneficial to help torts practice to right themselves when they flip. The whole thing must be supervised of course but a little practice may help them get used to flipping over and righting themselves, therefore making...
  17. Ben02

    Nutrazu tortoise diet from Kiezerbrink

    Heres the European version of the famous Mazuri. It is repackaged stuff but is exactly the same. Hope this helps anyone.
  18. Ben02

    Penis flashing?

    Today I noticed Selma was doing a poop (that’s what it looked like to me at first) she had already done one in the bath earlier today. Once she’d finished pulling her head in I picked her up to find that there was no poop but a pink thing sticking out her cloaca, seconds later it went back in. I...
  19. Ben02

    Red smear on poop

    Today in the Garden Selma passed a massive poop, I inspected it as I sometimes do but I was shocked to find a small red smear on it. I've been feeding opuntia a lot lately, is it possible the spines could of caused a scratch somewhere inside? Or could it bee a cloaca tear as the cloaca was very...
  20. Ben02

    Weight a year later

    Here are the weights of my 3 baby Greek tortoises, soon to be a year old. Selma: August 2018 = 29 grams Selma: July 2019 = 351 grams Patty: August 2018 = 23 grams Patty: July 2019 = 320 grams Marge:August 2018 = 23 grams Marge: July 2019 = 305 grams Do these sound like good weight gain? Thanks