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  1. Nay


    Hi all been gone awhile, I had to reset my password from one that was sent to me through here cause it wouldn't accept my old one. Now for the life of me and after 45 minutes of searching TFO I cannot find how to set it to something other than the weird one I was sent. Frustrated and its...
  2. Nay

    Gulpping Red Foot

    Hello there, haven't visited here in a long time, now today twice :) My 20 yr old RF Jack has been making some gulping sounds, he seems to be swallowing quite dramatically. I have a video, but can't figure out how to post anything. This site is all changed around! I will see if he eats tomorrow...
  3. Nay

    Female Leopard Tortoise

    Beautiful Adult Leopard,about 11 inches. Shes about 15 years old. I have had her about 9 years, she eats very well and weighs a solid maybe 8 lbs.A little shy as they are but warms up. Located in Mass, but could ship. She has laid eggs before but has never been with a male.Can't seem to upload...
  4. Nay

    Egg bound question

    So my Leopard, who seems to have a history of not wanting to pass her eggs, did it again this Jan. Xrays showed 4 eggs, did the calicum injection then the Oxytocin, 3 were laid. Waited a day, she was still digging away and another Oxy injection. NOthing. now it's 4 days later, she's eating like...
  5. Nay

    boxies up for adoptions

    Ok well update, got a call from the person who has these guys, wants to know if I will take them for sure now? (Hope my link posted) Anyone? I am in MAss.
  6. Nay

    Type and health of Boxies?

    Helped someone with beaks and nails today, and after much talk found out enviorment sucks for the last 12 years, (tank, little outside and little water) Actually offered me the pair, one has laid eggs. They felt light to touch, and looked puffey around legs. Nails were almost in circles ...
  7. Nay

    Can anyone identify this tort?

    Can any one tell what this is? someone has this and a russian on CL. These are the only pics. They want 200.00 Really not that interested, just don't know what that other one is..Thanks...
  8. Nay

    Finally got my tort tat!

    Finally!! (Mods please move if wrong place,,, sorry when I tried to search tatoos in tort forum it gave me error message)) I did find this one floating around, but kept going back to I got it.
  9. Nay

    tort wall stickers, very cool

    Hi, thought I would pass this along, there are many variations,and almost anything you can come up with is there. Just stumbled across and thought I would share...
  10. Nay

    Can I vent!!!????Reposted ad

    Peruseing the Craigs list, (I know) this is what I found! Ugh!!Mods, move if you need to.
  11. Nay

    Just passing this along, not mine.
  12. Nay

    Hibernation wake up question

    Hi, Fluffy came out today ,find him: He doesn't look too bad, a little light,but we are expected to get teens again this week at night. Question should I offer food? His wife Louise is staying underground, but he had to come out during this warm break. Thanks Nay
  13. Nay

    Will one big roll do it in?

    Hi, Had a RF egg Dec 30, set up my Hovabator and placed the egg on the wire grid,(87% now,for 2 weeks I had in a 90%) with water underneath, as per instructions. I know someone said vermiculite? But anyway, it got moved yesterday, by accident and the egg went flying to the corner. I replaced it...
  14. Nay

    Help!! Virus on Computer???

    Hi, I am in desperate need of some advice. My computer is shared with a 17 yr old son. On 3 different occasions we have contracted various viruses that have had to be cleared out by our computer guy. It's about 100-150 dollars and we have always blamed wherever he may go online. Well these last...
  15. Nay

    Secret Santa sent out.

    Ok, all of you who signed up should have received your SS. (In your PM)If you didn't get, or run into trouble please, please let me know. We want everyone to experience this great fun adventure. Thanks Nay And if there are any stragglers, please PM me maybe we can work out something.:)
  16. Nay

    Secret Santa Signup!!!

    Maybe things were not very clear so I will make it a new thread, (if OK from Moderators!!) Dead line: Friday Dec 7th, Fill out small questionnaire(in original post), Spending :about 20 dollars (plus and/or minus shipping costs, your choice). If I get more responses because I didn't repost I...
  17. Nay

    Good News??? (Re posted story)
  18. Nay

    What no Secret Santa???

    I had so much fun last year with secret santa. Is no one game?? I haven't had time lately to get on much, but where's? Crystal??? Or Stephanie?? Yvonne?? I'll help if you tell me what to do. Nay
  19. Nay

    Pet store, a nice twist

    I went to a local Pet Store today, as I was in the store next to it, and although I have stayed out of it for years, because of 'gee, can you guess why?" I Had to. Boy was I in for a shocker! All the nasty aquariums were replaced with very clean larger, new filter,ones. Not a floater in sight...
  20. Nay

    Turtle lamp anyone?

    Not sure where to put this?? I have this awesome desk lamp, that I have spent 2 years trying to find a shade for it. You'd think a 6" desk lamp shade would be easy right?? Well this lamp is anyone's for the cost of shipping it to you. I don't even want to know if you have a shade.. Enjoy it...