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  1. Yeetster


    I haven’t used this in a while actually, because I thought I had this tortoise thing down and both of mine were doing great. I have two sulcatas, one male and the other I have not figured out yet. He is around 5 pounds and my other is around 3. But the big one just this morning started to baby...
  2. Yeetster

    Sulcatas and Soaking

    I have had 2 sulcatas for a year and a few months now and I was wondering if I still should soak everyday or every other day now? They are around 800 and 600 grams with no pyramiding at all.
  3. Yeetster

    Heated Shed Ideas HELP

    I was wondering if there were any outdoor sheds that were insulated that I could just buy from like a hardware store, instead of building a night box? It would be easier for me and I could also heat it easier. Any ideas would help
  4. Yeetster

    WV-PA-MA Adoptions or looking to buy older tortoises

    I am starting to get more into tortoises and wanted to create a post because I do not see much for this area. But if anyone has tortoises that they can no longer take care of, or are selling around this area let me know.
  5. Yeetster


    I have 2 sulcatas, a little under a year old and they have started to eat grass. I was wondering what temperatures they could be outside all the time at? They are almost 350 grams.
  6. Yeetster

    75 gallon stock

    I really would like suggestions for 1 big fish I can put in my newly cycled 75 gallon tank. I want him to be pretty aggressive and have a personality. I was thinking a peacock bass or wolf cichlid but they might get too big?
  7. Yeetster

    Sulcatas next enclosure after baby?Help!

    I was wondering what would be the next enclosure to go with that is still closed chamber but is bigger than a 48 by 24. I looked at animal plastics but it looks really expensive and not that big? This enclosure will only house my 1 Sulcata who is almost 100 grams but he will probably have to be...
  8. Yeetster

    Sulcata and Soaking

    At what age would it be okay to use cold water for soaking I have a kitty pool and I was just gonna fill it up with hose water while outside and soak?
  9. Yeetster

    85 gram Sulcata Pyramiding or no?

    Would you consider this pyramiding or just new growth? He is kept in a closed chamber with 85%- 95% at all times so I’m confused?
  10. Yeetster

    Baby Sulcata Weight Gain

    I picked up my baby sulcatas today and I thought they weighed more than yesterday (I had just weighed them). They weighed 62 and 56 yesterday and today they weighed 72 and 65!Yesterday was also the first time feeding them ZooMed Grassland pellets only 2 pellets and I usually feed them Mazuri...
  11. Yeetster

    Koi and Bass pond

    Finally finished my pond!! Let me know what you guys think.
  12. Yeetster

    Baby Sulcatas and Food Choices

    In West Virginia it is beginning to get colder and most of the weeds and plants I try to feed my sulcatas are dying so what are some of the better grocery store foods for them or foods I can order online for them....( they already get mazuri, grass clippings, and the few weeds and plants I have...
  13. Yeetster

    Safe Succulents for Sulcata enclosure

    Does anyone know what succulents are safe to add to a baby Sulcata encloser.
  14. Yeetster

    Baby Sulcatas

    My baby Sulcatas hit 51 and 50 grams today!
  15. Yeetster

    Flex Seal for closed chamber?

    Has anyone used flex seal to seal off holes in the top of a closed chamber and would it be okay for the tortoise?
  16. Yeetster

    New Baby Sulcata Enclosure

    Any tips or if you see anything that would help the tortoise better let me know!
  17. Yeetster

    Anyone know this post????

    I saw this post a while ago and took a screenshot but I can’t find it anymore? Anyone know who it is and would it be good for a baby sulcata
  18. Yeetster

    Baby Sulcata

    Best way to get baby Sulcata to eat Mazuri mine just kinda nibbles on it and then leaves it?
  19. Yeetster

    Baby Sulcata (food and how to get him to eat)

    Does anyone else live in West Virginia on this site and if so what kind of weeds or other plants do you feed your Sulcata.