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  1. TeguBuzz

    Sulcata Eggs - Are they fertile?

    It has been quite some time since I last posted here, I hope you've all been well. My proven ~90lb female laid a rather large clutch almost a week ago. I never candled any of her past clutches over the years and they've hatched, for the most part in my Hova-Bator. With this clutch, I thought...
  2. TeguBuzz

    Is this plant edible - Inquiry

    Not exactly sure the type of plant this is. It's outside the parameters of my yard where the Sulcata herd lives. Curious as to whether or not it is edible as my Russian tortoise used to eat them back in the day and never seemed sick from it. She was rehomed to a friend of mine a while back but...
  3. TeguBuzz

    George the 200lb Sulcata

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd share some photos of George, the 194lb male Sulcata tortoise. He's a big guy, most recent addition to the herd - but beyond friendly. He used to be part of some local reptile zoo. Nice, rather smooth shell, great personality.
  4. TeguBuzz

    My Sulcata Herd

    Thought I'd share a photo of my group of big sullies. The larger/taller pen pictured behind me serves as a grow-out for my smaller sulcata tortoises and the lower standing pen is a red-footed habitat. The smaller sulcatas (not pictured) are currently all being housed indoors until temperatures...
  5. TeguBuzz

    Very large, old Male Red-footed tortoise (now "female"!!)

    I was told this male was 21 years old. Let me know what you all think. He eats rather great, moves around fine - but looks much older than that. Measured him and he's just about 19in in length and weighs between 35-45lbs.
  6. TeguBuzz

    Sulcata Tortoise Looking for a Home in ARIZONA

    Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I've posted but an individual reached out to me today on one of my YouTube videos. She lives around Phoenix, Arizona in an area called Peoria and her son came across a rather small/hatchling sized sulcata on someone's front yard and none of the...
  7. TeguBuzz

    Hypo Alligator Snapping Turtle

    Hey everyone, here are some pics of my hypo AST. Simply stunning and a voracious eater. He's about 6in excluding his head/tail. Will be setting up his outdoor pond towards the end of this month and moving him out. I will post the video of his unboxing below.
  8. TeguBuzz

    Question regarding his shell

    Hey everyone, the tortoise in the photos below is Barney. One of my large male sulcatas. He weighs in at around 35-40lbs and is almost 9 years old. I acquired him a few years back and he was much smaller, with some terrible pyramiding from what I assume could have been poor housing, and low...
  9. TeguBuzz

    Ivory Sulcata Photos and New Addition

    Hey everyone, A few weeks back I posted in the introduction section of the forum, showed you a few shots of my sulcatas. Here's some more photos of my ivory Sulcata taken today. He has some slight pyramiding from when he was young, but his new growth is coming in great. His eyes are a very...
  10. TeguBuzz

    Hello, and thanks for having me - Sulcata's

    Hey everyone, Recently joined the forum here, even though I've kept tortoises/turtles for the majority of my life. I have experience in keeping Cyclura iguana's, whether they're rhino's, Cayman's, Cuban's or Lewisi hybrid's. In the past I bred and kept tegus for many years and have had quite a...