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  1. Wright78

    My tortoise doesn’t trust me

    What town in MA?
  2. Wright78

    Jumpiness from new ads

    Ads are still causing jumping. The ads make the site very irritating to use. I find myself on here a lot less because of them. @Josh
  3. Wright78


    I bought 3 of these style. I love them. I would mount them directly to plywood, but that is just me. You could call Reptile Basics and ask them the question.
  4. Wright78

    Possible tortoise pyramiding.

    Sulcata's eat mainly grasses. On the app tortoise table peppers, broccoli are no feeds, carrots are feed sparingly. Read this:
  5. Wright78

    Life changes

    I'm here in MA if you need to rehome, while you are here.
  6. Wright78

    Closed chamber cord exiting questions

    Do you also know the weight rating of that table that the enclosure is on? Enclosure weight, wet substrate, plants, decorations, dishes, tortoise. It adds up fast. I calculated mine at close to 1000lbs.
  7. Wright78

    Closed chamber cord exiting questions

    I would also seal all the bottom edges of the tank with a 100% silicone and let it air out. The smell gets very strong in the enclosure.
  8. Wright78

    Closed chamber cord exiting questions

    Great job! I just installed my cameras today, and my fans just came in. I have my CHE probes at about top of the shell height right under my CHE’s. This is also the reason why I slotted the back of the enclosure just enough for each cord to allow me to run each cord directly out the back to...
  9. Wright78

    First New Enclosure Build - UV lighting Advice Needed Please

    I use the Arcadia 12% the length is based on what room you have in the enclosure. I would use the longest you can fit. I used 2 because I had a 8 ft long enclosure.
  10. Wright78

    Looking to adopt a small tortoise

    You can put paper or something on the outside of the tank so it doesn't see its what's outside the tank.
  11. Wright78

    Finally tackled the beak

    Great job. I'm also from MA. Just curious what exotic vet doctors did you find? I had been dealing with one a while ago 12+ years but wasn't happy with the care.
  12. Wright78

    Too big? Too small? Just right?

    That could be the reason. One tortoise could be bulling the other. It could be getting to the food first, sitting in the food dish, getting the best basking spot, pushing, biting. Tortoises are solitary animals, they don't need a companion.
  13. Wright78

    Too big? Too small? Just right?

    Are they kept in the same habitat together?
  14. Wright78

    Enclosed enclosure help

    I have a timer on the lighting/ basking and UVB set from 7 AM to 7PM. I have not noticed a significant amount of heat coming from the arcadia t-5's. I haven't really measured. I know the UVB is reading about a 3.5 on my solar meter at about a 22 inch height. I have added two 150 watt CHE to help...
  15. Wright78

    Closed chamber cord exiting questions

    They are adhesive, the stick very well. They also have a hole in the middle if you needed to screw them in.
  16. Wright78

    Bioactive setup for a sulcata?

    I have added springtails and pill bugs to my enclosure, they attack all extra food that falls on the substrate and poop that doesn't get cleaned up right away. They don't bother the tortoise. This was a thread about them:
  17. Wright78

    need help with lighting? is from Maine
  18. Wright78

    Enclosed enclosure help

    Update: Everything seems to be working well its holding heat and humidity very well. The plants are growing like weeds, the opotunia cactus has a 4 inch long growth. The pill bugs and springtails are multiplying like crazy too. Charlie has gained 20 grams in 2 weeks! Both weigh ins were after a...
  19. Wright78

    Please help (not growing)

    What are the temps? Hot side? Cool side? Basking? What bulbs are you using? What is the humidity? What are you feeding?