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  1. Wartortle

    Never thought I'd get eggs :,)

    I haven't posted on tortoise forum in a good while. Honestly, there isn't much to post once you get to a certain point. I've got two Russian males and two females. My larger male ~5" has been making his best attempts to mount my 7" female for the past two or three years now with no success. I...
  2. Wartortle

    Cold weather and leopard tortoises

    It's getting a tiny bit chilly here in San Diego. I've been bringing my leopard tortoise inside at night whenever it gets lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Just out of curiosity, what would be the limit for an adult leopard tortoise? My Russians stay outside all year long, but what temps do you...
  3. Wartortle

    Large Russians??

    I feel like my girl Selva is pretty big. She's nearly 3x the size of my largest male. Does anyone else have big Russians like this? See pictures below.
  4. Wartortle

    Tail issues :(

    My baby cherryhead has some odd growth/infection I don't know on his little tail. It's all white and squishy. Thoughts? Has anyone had this happen? I'm planning on going to the vet tomorrow afternoon, but if I can prevent it then I'd prefer to do that. (see picture)
  5. Wartortle

    Great job N2TORTS

    Just like to thank Jeff for our 4 new cherry head babies. I literally haven't ever had a new tort be so social and easy to take care of right after getting them. They're everything he says they are in his ads and more. He's also a cool guy! Thanks man Haven't ever had torts this young eat wild...
  6. Wartortle

    Where's Uno (where's waldo but better)

    Note, I never lost contact with him. I took this photo because I could, and I didn't let him run around in there. I would never risk losing him! :)
  7. Wartortle

    UCSD tortoise

    Uno the tortoise is enjoying the sun and having fun at college. While I study and keep a close eye on him, he runs around the grass and gets attention from the occasional passerby. Just an overall great first day back.
  8. Wartortle

    MBD tortoise

    So I rescued a russian tortoise earlier this year and we are planning on taking the side yard of our house and making one large tortoise enclosure. It will have plenty of sight barriers, but we are worried about our little MBD tortoise with the males. She is doing well and is happy to be on a...
  9. Wartortle

    What is this turtle??

    My auntie found this turtle walking around in the hot Californian sun (it was 90 degrees today). I've got no clue what kind of turtle this is or how to take care of it. Is it native to California and can I put it back? I'll probably try to get it to my local California Tortoise and Turtle Club...
  10. Wartortle

    Admitted to UCSD!!!

    Starting in the fall of 2014, I will be taking my two leopards and my three Russians to San Diego so I can study Chemical Engineering. So EXCITED!!!
  11. Wartortle

    Eat. Sleep. REPEAT

    Apparently my little Leopard, Mao, likes to eat then fall asleep exactly where he was eating. Why bother going in the hide to sleep when he is just going to come back out to eat again anyways? It's smart thinking is what it was.
  12. Wartortle

    New tortoise......kinda? **

    And It's nice to have a girlfriend that loves tortoises more than you do :) Every owner should get one of these lawn statues!!!
  13. Wartortle

    My new Russian Rescue

    This is my new Russian tortoise that I got today. She was housed in sub-par conditions and I'm happy to have her! Her nails are long and are going to be cut tomorrow as well as get her beak trimmed. She is also going to be on the right diet from now on and live outside in the California sunshine...
  14. Wartortle

    Beak on a possible new tort????

    I'm possibly getting a female Russian tortoise tomorrow that had been housed in poor conditions. As soon as I get her, she will be dewormed and checked for health. However, she already has an overgrown beak and I was wondering if I should pay to get her beak trimmed or just let her wear it down...
  15. Wartortle


    The Oscars really bore my Russians apparently:P
  16. Wartortle

    My attempt at an enclosure****

    I made this with extra 2x4 that my dad let me use :) I added ice plant, stone plant (or something like that) and my large aloe Vera plant. I hope my Russians like this!
  17. Wartortle

    Leopard tortoise video!!!!!

    My two Leo's eating dinner :D
  18. Wartortle

    Some help would be nice!!!

    It's 2:50 AM and I'm still studying for a Calculus C exam and a Physics Electromagnetism midterm. Don't teachers know that humans need to sleep???? I should have just become a history offense to history majors of course ;) But seriously though. I need sleep. And an A..... But...
  19. Wartortle

    Leopard time lapse

    This is my leopard tortoise time lapse. I'll speed it up next time. I want to track growth and pattern development over time. Next time, I'll speed it up so it doesn't look at each image too long!! It's a process and I think it will look good in the end...
  20. Wartortle


    Hey guys! Just got another leopard hatchling:) This makes..... Russians 1.1.0 3 toed box turtles 0.0.4 Sulcata 0.0.1 Leopards 0.0.2 :)