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  1. susan

    San Diego Reptile Super Show and Breeder's Expo June 28-29 Largest in 2008

    My husband and I will be there the 28th too:) We went to one many years ago and yes there were tons of reptiles for sale as well as related products of all sorts. LLL is in my neighborhood and they for sure always have tons of different species of turtles and tortoises at their shop. What they...
  2. susan


    Congratulations!! I want to come over and see!!! Babies are too cute!! Good job by the way:) I am sad that I missed the tort show the other weekend I had to go to an art show:( I am sure it was good. I will see you for sure at the san diego one!
  3. susan

    It's Complete!!!!! - Final Stage

    Woohoo that is one bitchen reptile apartment complex!!! You guys are super awesome!! I am in total awe!!!
  4. susan

    Aldabras like corn too

    That is my favorite kind of tortoise!! How awesome!!! I am jealous:)
  5. susan


    my tortoises love kale and collard greens, bok choy, dandlion greens, etc. Those greens have alot of vitamins for them. Vit. A, calcium,etc. and yes cuddle bones are my babies fav too. Yummy stuff! I love kale too steemed with a little lemon mmmm...:)
  6. susan

    Who all is still sleeping?

    Oh yea everyone is up:) And I have to agree it is very hot down here for real! I would love to post pics but I cannot figure out how! It just tells me that my photos are too big:( Any help out there???
  7. susan

    These are recently spotted.

    Amazing!!! These turtles are beautiful! Enjoy!
  8. susan

    PICS - My First Florida Eggs

    what a beauty she is!! and oh how cute baby box turtles are man oh man!! enjoy! Yes pics i agree!
  9. susan

    Odd Behavior

    Can I just say you are soooo cute!! I love that you say he glares at you LOL!!! I cannot comment on the pebble thing mine do it too. I have heard they need to eat dirt and such so I just ignore them eating it and pray for the best;)
  10. susan

    3 Footed Bear In My Yard!

    Amazing!!! You are lucky to live somewhere that you see wildlife! Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!
  11. susan

    tips/tricks for a newbie with a plastic tub enclosure

    First I should say this is only of my opinion. Second I am a Ca. Desert tortoise girl. I have raised several straight out of the egg very successfully using this method... I do not shred the news paper I leave it flat. Also I like to use a full spectrum light and a ceramic heat lamp. Depending...
  12. susan

    Odd Behavior

    All of my deserts do that:) I really love it when my 4 year olds use each other to rest their heads on:) Too cute! Or they will pile up on each other to sleep, very odd to see.. I will try to figure out how to get these photos from my camera into my computer. Lord help me ahahah!!
  13. susan


    I use newspaper and clean it daily for my indoor enclosure:) It is cheep, clean, and recyclable. No chance of bugs good or bad:) They get to enjoy the sun and dirt daily when they go out into their outdoor enclosure. When they were very tiny they had a screen covered (to keep ravens from...
  14. susan

    Last egg hatched

    Wow!! Congratulations!!! Another beautiful baby! Good job you!!
  15. susan

    Winter housing for your sulcatas...

    Hey I am in southern california too:) What area do you live in? I am in north county san diego. The weather is nice here in sunny southern cali isn't it;) We are spoiled! I don't have sulcatas, I was just being nosey:) Sorry;)
  16. susan

    Look what Im getting

    What a beauty!!! Too cool!!!
  17. susan

    Shell is turning white

    I, for one, could never get tired of looking at pictures!!! I love to see turtles and tortoises!! And redfoots are some of my favorites though I have never had one. I have thought alot about getting one for sure!! These pictures are great! And oh my what lovely tortoises you have!!!!!!!! Very...
  18. susan

    Turdboys summer home...

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! You are hilarious!!!!
  19. susan

    Hatchling #2 has arrived

    OMG!!! What a cute baby!!! What a wonderful experience! Yea!!!!!
  20. susan

    Turdboys summer home...

    Soooo cute!!! I love it!! But you have to tell me where you got this name, how you came up with it, and why:)