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  1. DesertGrandma

    New Post Problem and Help to Post Photo

    I made a new post for 3 leopard hatchlings for sale the other day. I wasn't able to figure out to post pictures and now I don't see the sale listing either. Had an alert that my post had been moved to another location? I'm confused. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  2. DesertGrandma

    Leopard Tortoise Hatchlings

    Three beautiful well-started babcocki Leopard Tortoise hatchlings for sale. Hatched in September. They are all active, healthy and eating well. If interested please PM me for photos and more details. For some reason I am unable to post photos this morning.
  3. DesertGrandma

    Leopard Tortoise Yearlings For Sale in Arizona

    Two leopard tortoise yearlings for sale in Arizona. Would prefer pickup but will ship. These ground hatched beauties have spent the summer outdoors, are healthy and thriving. They are being offered to Tortoise Forum members who can demonstrate awareness/knowledge of the requirements to care...
  4. DesertGrandma

    Beautiful Healthy Yearling Leopards

    A year ago I posted a thread about four "surprise" leopard babies that popped up out in the yard. These are the two remaining ones, they were the largest one and the tiny one. They have done great and have been outside in the Arizona sun all summer with lots of water and shade. The...
  5. DesertGrandma

    Yearlings Now and questions about selling them

    You might remember that a year ago we got some surprise leopard tortoise babies that hatched in the ground. They are now two beautiful yearlings and I am getting ready to let them go. Can I get some advice on the best way to ship them before i offer them for sale? Will FedEx carry the boxes...
  6. DesertGrandma

    Leopard Incubation Set-up

    My female(s) has been busy. There are four new nests in my yard. It’s time to set-up my first incubator. I’ve got a new Reptibator and vermiculite but can’t figure out what size containers to use inside. I am thinking deli cups? What size? 12 oz? 16 oz? Shoe box was too large. Would...
  7. DesertGrandma

    Surprise tiny leopards-Questions

    Yesterday a tiny leo showed up on our patio. Today another even tinier one. I have been watching for nesting but never saw one, or at least that I could recognize. Here's my question: How big is the hole they emerge from the ground? The only place I think they may have come from is a hole...
  8. DesertGrandma

    Back With A Question About Leopards

    Hi out there. I've been MIA for a long time but back to try to find an answer to my question. At what age/size do leopards usually learn how to go into their heated house by themselves? Of my four, only one female finds her way back in after they have been taken out for feeding,etc. The...
  9. DesertGrandma

    For Christy P

    Christy, these pics are of the girls soaking last night. They are doing great, are good eaters and I am very happy with them. They are all definitely still looking like girls with little stubby tails. Aren't they pretty??!! The one darker one is still darker in color, a little bumpy, and...
  10. DesertGrandma

    Enclosure/Yard Updates - 2nd Year

    So, everyone knows that making a home for our tortoises is an ongoing project. The first year we built a planted nursery for our one baby leopard tortoise Humphrey. Humphrey will be a 2-years-old next week, and is now 8 inches long. Our herd has grown to four now and so our tortoise yard is...
  11. DesertGrandma

    Favorite Threads Update Please Josh

    I am seriously missing my "favorite threads." Can't tell you how many times I have tried to access it for information or to copy/paste to help answering questions. I know this was addressed before, but can we have an update Josh? Are we going to ever get it back?
  12. DesertGrandma

    Weed ID Please

    Picked these weeds in our yard. What are they...and are they edible? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Thanks for any help you can give. 8-)
  13. DesertGrandma

    Tortoise Door Flap Suggestions Wanted

    We are just about finished with construction of our outside tortoise house. It will house our youngster leopard tortoise Humphrey who is now 7-8 inches in size. It is insulated and heated and has a wood door that closes completely when the weather is really cold in order to keep it toasty...
  14. DesertGrandma

    IT'S A BOY for Neal and JD

    Remember this post: My Humphrey showed me his boy parts yesterday! [hr] I was just noticing this week that I thought he was getting a little concavity to his plastron, and voila!!
  15. DesertGrandma

    Toys for Torts

    I put some little cat toys in my leopard enclosures and they do love them. I notice the ball is pushed around a lot and the little roller cage is moved around too. This morning one of the torts had its foot on top of it like she was rolling it around. Does anyone else use cat toys in their...
  16. DesertGrandma

    Tort Safe Fertilizer for Gardens

    What do you use to fertilize your grass and gardens that won't harm tortoises? When would be the best time to apply it? Things are going to be greening up pretty soon around here. Thanks for your recommendations.
  17. DesertGrandma

    Kane Heating Mat with Integrated Thermostat

    Has anyone used the Kane Heating Mat with Integrated Thermostat? I would appreciate your comments pro or con. Thanks.
  18. DesertGrandma


    I am wanting to enlarge Humphreys outside enclosure area. Do you think that he will be safe from grackles without a cover? He is 6 inches in length now and more than 500 grams (too heavy now to register weight on my kitchen scale). The grackles have been hanging around a lot lately. [hr] Thanks
  19. DesertGrandma

    Re-Packaged Mazuri

    I just ordered Mazuri from an online dealer and it came in a plain ziplock bag with no identification at all. Also, the pellets are larger than the ones that are in my bag I bought at the hardware store in a 1# Mazuri Tortoise Diet bag. Should I be concerned? Is this the normal way to get it...
  20. DesertGrandma

    Guess the sex game - Let's Play

    From the time he was just a wee tot, the vet even said it looked like I had a little boy. He is now 6 inches and sometimes I think he looks more like a girl. He is now 17 months of age. Whatcha all think????