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  1. Neohippy

    Backyard Tort Action

    Finally moved from the 3rd floor apartment to a home with a real life yard, and shed to boot! Took Horace and Penny out for a romp. I was in luck in buying this place. Instead of grass, they allowed clover and dandelion to take over. Needless to say, this is like a yard filled with leafy drugs...
  2. Neohippy

    Herd Update

    New year comes so it's time for an update! Here's a pic of how the new terrarium is coming along. No half tonne of dirt yet, still have to move so I can avoid carrying that much up and down 3 floors. Got a vicks warm mist humidifier in there since it gets so dry here and it keeps the temp...
  3. Neohippy

    Substrate Sources. Where do you get yours?

    So I need roughly 532 litres of substrate, or 141 gallons if you will. Now, if I go to the local Wal-mart, they sell soil in 15L bags. Using simple math, I would need 36 bags of soil (since I can't buy half a bag, I gotta round up). At roughly $4 a bag, that comes to $144.00... Hopefully with...
  4. Neohippy

    Horace The Tortoise

    So I have finished my herd. I recently heard of a new petshop opening in southern Alberta, and expressed an interest in their red foots. I was contacted by the owner, or rep for the owner about pricing and availability. I told him I was after an adult male. He told me he did have one, but that...
  5. Neohippy

    Found, had to share.

  6. Neohippy

    Penelope the Great!

    So here's some pics of Penny and her new digs. She is settling in quite well. Member of the family already, and my baby girl loves her since she CAN touch this one! The kids romping
  7. Neohippy

    New Enclosure... But no money?

    So I got antsy. Penny had been in a crappy 3' plastic tub for damn near a week. I had her holed up in there to control heat and humidity in order to rehydrate her and give her a little pep. But holy crap I could not look at her in that piece 'o' crap no longer. I had the original enclosure...
  8. Neohippy

    Horny Tortoises World Wide!

    So I'm guessing, with recent developments in the forums I frequent, and the happenings with the various aged torts I've acquired... Love is in the air... or awkward tortoise dating at best... I saw the recent post about Pio and the new rock lover, which answered questions about Henry, and why...
  9. Neohippy


    Made a road trip (only 800km or so) to check out an adult female redfoot. The price was right, that's for sure. Especially since this particular one is already 6 years old and about 9.5" (241mm). She weighs around 7.5lbs (1650g). Got there to discover no soaking pool, no heat, and no...
  10. Neohippy

    Sealant to withstand forest soil

    I'm looking for a sealant that can with stand the moisture and acidity inherent with the substrate and moss commonly used for red foots. Looking for something commonly found (AKA: In Canada), but nice and simple brush or spray application. Only needs to apply to plywood. Also, any...
  11. Neohippy

    New Addition! + Update

    So I went to the Calgary TARAS Reptile show today, and finally acquired another awesome little living rock. This one, however, makes the others look tiny. Woodrow has grown a whopping 4mm all year, bringing him to 68mm total. But Cordelia has put on 24mm in the 5 months I've had her bringing...
  12. Neohippy

    Eye goop... Finally.

    So I got my eye goop, finally. No thanks to north american pharms, and screw brokerage fees right in vent. Regardless, Woodrow has been on the goo for 24 hours now. Easy to apply, almost like he can't see it coming. We'll see if he'll see I guess. Fingers crossed.
  13. Neohippy

    Short Bus Tortoise aka: Ol' One Eye

    Poor Woodrow. He just doesn't seem right. With having Cordelia as comparison, I wonder more and more about Woodrow. Cordelia has caught up to and surpassed Woodrow in growth, her shell looks like a normal redfoot and she acts like a normal redfoot. Woodrow still looks like he has baby...
  14. Neohippy

    New digs for my little RF friends

    So I had a wee bit 'o' cash left after the monthly gutting known as rent/bills. Instead of the usual beer and greasy salt loaded awesomeness, I decided to do some renovating instead. The tortoises have been living in what could really only be compared to a Detroit neighbourhood, at least in...
  15. Neohippy

    The lure of a reptile expo...

    So just got back from the TARAS reptile expo in Calgary, Alberta. Boy was that place packed. Wall to wall with snakes mostly, as well as other seemingly rare and exotic critters. There was a breeding pair of pancake tortoises there. Man are they ever funky looking. I'd be afraid of them...
  16. Neohippy

    Protein Pill

    So I've been having the darndest time figuring out how to get little Woodrow to eat his animal protein. So after various attempts with all sorts of "cure all and end all" solutions from many well experienced and rather bull headed reptile enthusiasts, I decided to use a trick from my youth...
  17. Neohippy

    Show off some tort pics

    This forum needs more pics of wicked little tromping dinosaurs. Post 'em if you got 'em! This is Woodrow doing his extreme napping thing. Sleeps like I do, limp limbs scattered everywhere. Here's his belly shot. Palm shot. His seemingly first time in a soaking dish hour one of taking...
  18. Neohippy

    Oxytetracycline Ophthalmic (Magic Eye Goo)

    Does anyone know where I can get my mitts on a tube of this magic goo? I was told in another thread it's brand name is Terramycin. Not sure if this jazz is commonplace in Canada here. Will I need an Rx or is it OTC here? Does Polymixin B have a similar magical effect? This is a query for my...
  19. Neohippy


    Greetings fellow tortoise addicts. My name is Chad. I have been a tortoise fan all my life, and a tortoise owner since February 2009. I got my cute little red foot (Named: Professor Woodrow "Brock" Sampson, we call him Woodrow for short) in a little shop in a tiny town about 45minute drive...