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  1. supremelysteve

    Oh man, oh man, oh man! Why you should never open an egg . . .

    I was opening 3 eggs that did not hatch before throwing them away. Two of them had scratch marks visible. The baby had tried to hatch, then died. I suspect this is because their siblings hatched and managed to rotate the egg, which suffocates the baby, because the air sack gets moved, but I'm...
  2. supremelysteve

    Baby Golden Greeks for sale

    Very nice babies from true golden greek adults. My adults are selected for patternless and patternless with domino spots. 150.00 each for 1 125.00 each for 2 100.00 each for 3 or more. Email for a shipping quote. [email protected] Thanks, Steve
  3. supremelysteve

    Adult Breeder Golden Greeks for sale. . . . Very NICE! ! !

    I'm moving and have to part with my adult golden greeks. Patternless and patternless with domino spots available. These are established breeders. 250.00 for females 200.00 for males Email for pictures [email protected] Thanks, Steve
  4. supremelysteve

    Finally found my Yellow Headed Male Eastern

    I finally found my yellow male I've been looking for! Around 10 years ago (or 30, not totally sure), some guy bought this guy in a Krogers store (he thinks) in Cinncinnatti back when they had a small pet section. He kept the turtle in a tank, and more recently in a small tank. Now he's...
  5. supremelysteve

    Genetic bottleneck? Blue eastern box turtle.

    In a tiny patch of woods trapped for 150 plus years by a railroad track, large river, and the base of a highway bridge, lived this guy (the woods were trapped for 150 years, not this guy, I think he's fairly young). The woods were burned several weeks ago because the land is being developed...
  6. supremelysteve

    Question for Tim and Robin on your Golden Greek Post from 2009

    Here's the link. So do you currently consider these tortoises to be Mid-East Goldens, or do you think they are Libyan? I came across the thread in a google search, and they look a lot like Libyans. Actually, I...
  7. supremelysteve

    Greek and Box Turtle Outdoor Enclosures (pic heavy)

    I rebuilt some of my enclosures this past winter, and now that the plants have matured a little, here's how it looks. For the most part, our back yard is a normal one. Being at the end of a court, we have a triangular lot, giving us a wrap-around backyard. Two sides are yard and patio, with...
  8. supremelysteve

    The rare Golden Greek flower

    The rarely seen Golden Greek flower appears sporadically for 20 minutes or so, then disappears as quickly as it formed. It usually shows up on weekend mornings, and, as it's center disappears, the yellow petals slowly drift away.
  9. supremelysteve

    Rueben's getting fat!

    It's been a long time since he has been able to fit inside his shell. How do you put a box turtle on a diet?
  10. supremelysteve

    Anyone else think this florida box looks "fantastic and healthy"?

    Fantastic and healthy turtle, just an imperfect shell.
  11. supremelysteve

    Does anyone have captive raised Egyptians that aren't pyramiding?

    Egyptian tortoises interest me, but I don't like the look of pyramiding in any tortoise. Most of the ones that are for sale are sold as "well started" or something like that, and pyramiding is already well started as well according to the pictures. Is it because they are so rare and...
  12. supremelysteve

    Found two golden greek nests yesterday

    I found two nests yesterday. Actually, I called home and asked my wife to check for nesting torts, and she found the first during nesting. My smallest female, Spot, laid one egg after digging 2 test holes, one that morning and one the day before. After searching the pen, I found one other...
  13. supremelysteve

    Meet Tangelo

    This is Tangelo. I've been wanting to get this guy for quite a while. He's had many owners all over the country, and I intend to be his last. He is fantastically perfect. His color is just unbelievable, and the most intense I've ever seen, both his shell and skin color. He almost looks...
  14. supremelysteve

    Out of hibernation pictures.

    Yesterday was not super warm, but humid, in the mid 60's. It rained finally the prior two days, and nearly all of the boxies came out of hibernation. This guy must have just eaten a snail (see the foamy mouth?) and is already getting frisky. Then he took a swim.
  15. supremelysteve

    New Outdoor Pen Update Pics

    Here is the pen, it is divided into 5 sub-pens. I spent all my spare time in December and the first part of January remodeling the previous smaller pen and it's original pond (now in pen 5). I'm thinking max occupancy is probably a 1:4 group in each pen. Each pen has a pond, with flowing...
  16. supremelysteve

    Blue Eastern Male

    Blue color in box turtles fascinates me. Especially in the eastern subspecies, which are the subspecies I keep. It is very uncommon in eastern box turtles, but among all the subspecies, they have the genetic variability to take a trait farther and more extensively than the other subspecies. I...
  17. supremelysteve

    Yucatan Box Turtles for sale in Japan

    Noticed this on another forum, so credit goes to "kingnicky" if you're a member here. Is this common? I know that the Japanese are willing to pay very high prices for American (continent) species. I wish I could read japanese; I have no ability to navigate these websites whatsoever. Do...
  18. supremelysteve

    Nearly 1,500 Live Turtles Found in Smugglers' Luggage

    Check out the picture that accompanies the article!
  19. supremelysteve

    Some Pics in the Golden Greek pen from last summer

    Here are some pics of the herd from last summer. My daughter posing with a tort. I never let baby box turtles anywhere near any of the adults, to ensure they are disease free. I also never tend to incubating eggs or babies after working in the outside pens. But I...
  20. supremelysteve

    Eastern Box Turtle Outdoor Pen Upgrade

    It stopped raining, so I snapped some pictures of my pen upgrade inbetween football games. I've been working on this upgrade since Christmas. I enlarged the pen, split it into 5 subpens, and added a pond to each sub-pen. Each pond pours into the next, ending in the original pond, where it is...