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  1. stigrk

    Can Torts Hear?

    Seriously, you should read that paper, it is interesting. Here is a small sample from the Results and Discussion section: »Tortoise keepers have again and again been reporting that their tortoises came running from their outdoor enclosures when they played the piano. Studying the overview of...
  2. stigrk

    Can Torts Hear?

    And it is the same I posted 😉
  3. stigrk

    Can Torts Hear?

    You should first read the articles you link to, this one contradicts you 😂
  4. stigrk

    Can Torts Hear?

    Old thread, but this seems to be the newest on this topic so I will wake it up :) This topic seems to pop up both here and on various tortoise facebook groups etc and it seems people cannot agree on what/if tortoises can hear. I came upon this research article just now (it is from 2013 though...
  5. stigrk

    My tortie isn't walking right...

    You do not see rats unless there is a huge over population. That you think there is no rats because you havent seen them just demonstrates your inexperience. Mind you, I am not saying your tortoise was gnawed by rats, but your statement about no rats because you have not seen them is ludicrous...
  6. stigrk

    Nearly ready to adopt!

    Knowledge about tortoise care has grown a lot the last few decades. Be careful of trusting what you read in books, it is usually outdated and quite often plain wrong.
  7. stigrk

    Testudo Hermanni Boettgeri owners in Norway says hello!

    Hello! From another Testudo Hermanni Boettgeri owner in Norway :) -- Stig
  8. stigrk

    Fungus Gnat Control

    We have an 11 month old Herman and we had horrible problems with fungus gnats a couple of months back. We used a product called gnatrol which is based on the bacteria you mentioned earlier and in combination with the yellow butterfly shaped sticky traps. The sticky traps gets a lot of the...
  9. stigrk

    I want a tortoise but it seems too difficult

    Disclaimer: This is not my tortoise and I would have provided more care (heat lamp, monitored brumation in a small fridge etc). That said, this one: Has been living outdoors in Norway for over 50 years, brumating every winter by digging itself down when it feels the time is right and comes...
  10. stigrk

    No wifi cams?

    Because that would make the camera incredible expensive and to talk with a statellite with bandwidth enough to transfer live video you need a sizeable external antenna as well. WiFi chips are «a dime a dusin» and almost everyone has WiFi these days, makes choice easy for the manufacturers, you...
  11. stigrk

    Worried Mom - tort not eating, lethargic

    I am in no way any expert but my little one is shorter than yours, about 9 months, exactly two inches and now weighs 35 grams. He eats and poops every day and gets daily soaks, he also uses the water dish by himself once in a while. If yours is two and a quarter inches and weigh 22 grams I...
  12. stigrk

    New thermo-hygrometer

    You can do the "salt test" on your hygrometers to get an indication on their accuracy.
  13. stigrk


    A good company name should be: * Relevant to your business idea * Easy to remember * Unique/original so you do not get confused with some other business "Turtle Journal" was not bad but it sounds more like some magazine/publication about turtles than somewhere to buy supplies. I think the...
  14. stigrk

    DIY Enclosure - Request for constructive critique and ideas

    Thanks for the explanation, that sounds perfectly plausible. My tortoise eats from a food dish - but I do notice that sometimes it makes a mess and then parts of the food can get outside the dish on the substrate. I will endeavor to keep the substrate free from sand. Perhaps have something...
  15. stigrk

    DIY Enclosure - Request for constructive critique and ideas

    I do not have an exact measurement but perhaps 25% or thereabout. The soil does not feel very sandy when you touch it to put it that way. I will plan for replacing the substrate with something without sand in it. When that is said, this sounds quite strange to me, the mediterranean countries...
  16. stigrk

    DIY Enclosure - Request for constructive critique and ideas

    Thanks! I have a humidity sensor in the enclosure. And your correct it dries up during the day, hence I have to mist a couple of times per day. I think I will do the plexiglass thing to better keep the humidity inside. Pots for the larger plants sounds like a good idea!
  17. stigrk

    DIY Enclosure - Request for constructive critique and ideas

    Thanks! :) If you look closely you will notice cracks and imperfections a professional would never have done. But since I am a complete amateur builder I am quite happy with the result. Thanks! Software engineer, not architecture :) and no formal design education. Yes, I think you are...
  18. stigrk

    DIY Enclosure - Request for constructive critique and ideas

    Hello TortoiseForum, I am a new member and also a new tortoise owner. My tortoise is an Eastern Herman I got about 4 weeks ago, the previous caretaker and the CITES papers claims it is about half a year old. Since this forum seems mostly american I will use imperial units in the post...