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  1. Christyk

    Rescue turtle questions

    Recently I took in an injured box turtle. She was hit by a car and has shell damage. I brought her to a vet and am working with him for eventual release back to wild. Here's the question; what would you use for fungal growth on the affected area where there is no shell. I'm using providone...
  2. Christyk

    Fire Ants!!!

    Living in southeast Texas, fire ants can be a real issue. I've been using a permethrin liquid to spot treat but the ants are getting out of hand in the turtle habitat. What really works that is safe for the turtle habitat? I mean REALLY works. These things are a total menace.
  3. Christyk

    Just curious.

    I was just wondering what a good price would be for a redfoot. I'd love to have one at some point but not soon. I'm currently just looking into long term care and husbandry, plus if it's even a good fit for us.
  4. Christyk

    Snake rescue and relocation

    This past week I was at church camp with my son. A big, beautiful rat snake was in a tree near one of the cabins. The kids wouldn't leave it alone and everyone else seemed very afraid of her. Sssooooo, I climbed in the back of a side by side, got her out of the tree and put her in a nice clump...
  5. Christyk

    Baby frogs!

    We have a small pond in our outside turtle habitat. About a month ago we found frog eggs. Now there are little baby frogs all over the place! So cute. I think they may be a wood frog but know sure yet.
  6. Christyk

    Baby mud turtle

    I'm looking for info on mud turtle care. I'm sure it's on the forum but I can't find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. Christyk

    Mud turtle

    Can anyone point me to good information on mud turtles? I'm sure it's on the forum but I can't seem to find much.
  8. Christyk

    Pine nuts

    Does anyone feed pine nuts as part of their boxies diet? I'm thinking they would find it in the wild.
  9. Christyk

    Keeping multiple turtles

    I currently have a 3 toed box turtle. She is young about 5 or 6. I've had her going on 3 years. Her outside habitat is 17x20ft with a small pond. She has hides and many plants to eat and hid under. I also feed her protein and other veggies and fruits. Here is my question. I'd like to get...
  10. Christyk


    I love this time of night in my home. The frogs are chirping and singing. It's so calming to just stop and listen
  11. Christyk

    3 toed

    ISO 3 toed turtle female or 2. Preferably in the Texas/Louisiana area.
  12. Christyk

    I love this turtle!

    Seriously. I love this turtle. We just redid her habitat this winter. Planted a bunch of plants and made a small pond. She is having a sun bath after her morning soak.
  13. Christyk

    Turtle and termites

    I found termites next to my house. Problem is that it's close to the outside turtle habitat also. I have an exterminator coming early next week. Does anyone have experience with this type situation? We need to protect our sweet turtle but also our home. Thoughts?
  14. Christyk

    New to forum

    Hi all. I'm new to the forum and wanted to say a quick hello by introducing myself and my sweet Ham. I live in southeast Texas (perfect for my 3 toed/ornate box turtle). I'm currently working on her expanded outdoor space and hopefully adding a new shell baby to the enclosure this summer.