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  1. Pearly

    Hey, Pearly!

    Thank you Yvonne! I have to figure out how to use this site. I used to always use TFO app on my iphone. It’s very different now and I’m getting some silly advertisements all the time. I’d love to pick up some activity on TFO again, but have work through those things to become more efficient. For...
  2. Pearly

    Happy Birthday @Pearly

    Thank you EllieMay[emoji255]
  3. Pearly

    Box turtles come home after one year

    Beautiful babies with beautiful Grandma!
  4. Pearly

    Some concerns with cherry head hatchling

    I am SOOOOOO VERY SORRY for dropping off the Forum like that! (Family situation) Hope you have found a reliable source of Mazuri for your [emoji217]
  5. Pearly

    HELPPPP!!! Sulcata hatchling is gasping!!

    I am so sorry you had such bad experience. I had a rough start as well but found TFO early on enough that over very short period of time corrected all of my tort environment mistakes. It is absolutely imperative to cover the top of your enclosure, otherwise there is no way to keep the...
  6. Pearly

    need help , tortoise stopped eating and move on hind legs

    Oh man! I am trying to catch up on all the threads I’ve missed out over the past couple yrs. I am so very sorry for your loss!!! Please accept my deepest condolences. You sure did what was humanely possible to your tortoise.
  7. Pearly

    Yea, Ellie May!!!

    Happy belated!!!![emoji322][emoji217][emoji255]
  8. Pearly

    Happy Birthday @Pearly

    Thank you, Jacqui[emoji255]
  9. Pearly

    Happy Birthday @Pearly

    Thank you! Yes, I’m very grateful for a gift of another year with my family and friends when I am able to experience all the love and beauty of this world. And this is, truly, a very beautiful World! I still, even now, @53 can’t seem to get enough of it[emoji4][emoji257]
  10. Pearly


    Hey there Everyone! I LOVE watching birds!!! Used to have feeders of all sorts all over the garden but then we started getting visiting cats and one if them made himself at home and lived with us for the next 11-12 yrs and he was an avid hunter! I stopped feeding my birds once he brought me his...
  11. Pearly

    Happy Birthday @Pearly

    Thank you so much!
  12. Pearly

    Photos of Our Outdoor Russian Tortoise Enclosure and Garden

    Steve’s little outdoor universe is truly enviable! Absolutely LOVE the way you did his garden!
  13. Pearly

    Michigan Butterfly Garden: Before & After Photos

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures!!!! Gorgeous flowers!!!!!
  14. Pearly

    Happy Birthday @Pearly

    @ZEROPILOT, @Yvonne G, @wellington Thank you Guys!!! Yep! 53 today!!! Bastille day in France!
  15. Pearly

    Box turtles come home after one year

    What a sad begining of your story! And what a wonderful end to it!!!! One of my RF’s went missing too when he was just a little youngster. I stuck to this forum like a glue and tried doing all the tricks you guys told me in hopes of finding him. And we did! Find him! 4wks later! I am so sorry...
  16. Pearly

    Jacques' mystery ailment

    Oh Bea! I just want to hold you right now! Wow! Please, please don’t beat yourself up with „could’ve, should’ves”. You did your very best at the time, gave your ALL. Your experience thread will be referenced to for years to come helping others who encounter similar problems. IfI was a pet...
  17. Pearly

    Pearly’s RF -not „Babies” anymore! in 2019

    I also want to share something with the new tort keepers especially. Be careful and remember when raising your pets that they are creatures of habit! Watch out for what kinds of habits you help them develop. I’ll explain: over the past year my torts have reached about their adult size (I think...
  18. Pearly

    Pearly’s RF -not „Babies” anymore! in 2019

    Also @Redfoot NERD Tucker’s plastron is straight as a board, no concavity, but Shellie does have a “dip” in it. I’ll try to get a better pic of it with next bath. Though her tail opening area is very much “girl-like” so she must be one of those RF with concave bellies. I do see some either...
  19. Pearly

    Pearly’s RF -not „Babies” anymore! in 2019

    I meant „incubated”, ofcourse. And yes, I did follow your Tortoise Library care sheets for RF. Heck, they were my „tort bible” the first year or so. Thank you for sharing your expertise with all of us amateur hobby keepers. It’s important to me to know that what I do for my shelled babies is...
  20. Pearly

    Happy "STEP FATHER'S" Day...

    Awwww!!!! Ed! I’m so sorry! And HAPPY FATHER’s DAY TO YOU AND ALL the devoted step dads out there. Yes, raising kids can be a thankless job. Whether they carry your DNA doesn’t really matter when a dad is drunk or high all the time and doesn’t notice there is a little human growing that he is...