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  1. Lyles

    Can't believe the strength

    Very amazing indeed. It would be good if any foreign matter be cleaned out of the hole and patch up the cracks with fiberglass. May not be pretty but you could paint the patch with camo. lol
  2. Lyles

    Another Dog Story...

    Oh that's terrible! Stray/Feral cats are becoming a huge problem, even worse is there are people who even think that stray/feral cats are a good thing and feed them and allow them to breed unchecked. Call your local animal control and set up traps, they will sometimes supply them.
  3. Lyles

    4 YO Female Three-Toed Mating Followed By Nesting Behavior

    I found it hard to believe that my female began mating earlier this month of April. I always thought that box turtles generally become sexually mature between seven and ten years. However, this happened. Then, just a few days ago, I've seen nesting behavior every evening. I have no way...
  4. Lyles

    Thrips Population Control in Terrarium

    I was afraid that might be the case, guess I'll just have to get new substrate.
  5. Lyles

    Thrips Population Control in Terrarium

    I've noticed for the past couple of weeks an epidemic of tiny winged insects, called thrips, have continued to multiply at a staggering rate inside my terrarium. I haven't even seen mites reproduce this fast, every day when I remove their food dish it is covered in them and the next day the...
  6. Lyles

    Help! Hatchling Box Turtle Food

    That's a good idea, red is a food trigger for many turtles and tortoises. It reminds them of ripe fruit, like strawberries and tomatoes.
  7. Lyles

    Finally finished Indoor Enclosure

    Maybe I should try leaving the plants in the pots. Every time I try to use live plants the turtles bulldoze them or the plants just wither and die for some reason. I have a black thumb. lol
  8. Lyles

    Petsmart Animal Cruelty ***WARNING*** maybe be disturbing

    The same reason why people don't spay/neuter their pets and breed them in the backyard to sale on craigslist. Profit. This is a huge problem that is predominant in the US with China and Japan at close 2nd. When people / companies breed animals for profit, they lower the animals' value to that...
  9. Lyles

    Please help me assess this box turtle

    That's a very nice male Gulf Coast. Take some nail polish and an old toothbrush and work it off him, I can tell he has some really nice patterns underneath.
  10. Lyles

    I'm not sure my female box turtle is actually a female
  11. Lyles

    3D Images of my Box Turtles

    I recently got my hands on a used Evo 3D and decided to take some 3D images of my box turtles. They turned out great, all you need is some red/cyan glasses to enjoy. :D
  12. Lyles

    I'm not sure my female box turtle is actually a female

    She's a female, and I'm surprised that she looks exactly like my Alexia, who is also a three-toed/gulf coast hybrid. Up until her mother's batch of eggs I've never seen three-toes with such broad dark borders around the scutes like that.
  13. Lyles

    eastern box turtle...

    Yeah, totally fine.
  14. Lyles

    Does her beak need trimmed?

    I'd suggest filing it down until you get to that "bend" in the beak, just before where it slopes is where the quick is. So I'd file it down till it is flush with that and the jaw in the back. It looks like it would be going too far but it really isn't.
  15. Lyles

    eastern box turtle...

    No, Easterns are not native to Texas so no permits are needed. The only boxie restrictions in Texas only regard Three-Toes in that you are only allowed to keep up to 6 Three-Toed box turtles per person and if you sell any you have to provide proof that they came from captive born parents.
  16. Lyles

    Potential Additon

    Right now I'm seeing who will contact me first with pics I requested, and so far none has delivered. It's been a week since I first contacted two suppliers of ornates that claimed to have a large stock of Juvies-Young Adults. I reminded them Wen. and then again today. How hard is it to...
  17. Lyles

    Potential Additon

    I've been considering adding another to my herd. I really want a good looking female ornate, and I'm waiting on a couple of suppliers to get back to me with some pics of their stock. However, I ran into an ad for this guy. I already have a male Eastern, but the pattern and color really...
  18. Lyles

    Petsmart Animal Cruelty ***WARNING*** maybe be disturbing

    Anything beyond level 1 treatment generally gets euthanization. Petsmart / Petco are joint owned and both are supposed to have a contracted vet per store. This is not the case, however, as I know 4 stores just in my area alone that do not have vets contracted. Regardless, these contracted...
  19. Lyles

    Eastern box turtle need help

    Was the damage to the shell extended toward the strip down the back? If so she is most likely paralyzed in her hind feet. Boxies' spinal cords are attached to their shells. Have you tried to pull on her feet to see if she pulls back?
  20. Lyles

    Complete rundown on breeding Three Toed Box turtles?

    They lay eggs twice a year generally, all the boxies have laid their 2nd batch by now and many are hatching at this moment, this is consistent regardless if kept indoors or out. As long as they have a secure place to dig a nest with at least 6" of moist dirt and have a good size water dish to...