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    Overnight practices w/outdoor tortoises

    Do people bring their outdoor tortoises inside over night? Or, do you keep them outside 24/7? Asking as I plan to make plans/enclosures to adopt a smaller species (Russian, Hermann's, etc.) some day soon, hopefully. Bringing a tortoise in every night adds to the work and space demands...
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    Leopard tortoises eat hyena poop

    Interesting video about animals eating bones and tortoises eating hyena poop and dead tortoise shells for calcium. Go to the 4:43 minute make to see the end of the hyena segment and begin the tortoise segment:
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    Testudo: Night temperatures

    I’m doing research for adopting a Hermann’s or Russian one day. My spare room where I would keep the tortoise over the winter gets to about 63 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Is that OK or is that too cold? Would you use an overnight heat emitter? My home thermostat is set to 72 degrees...
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    Where to find hides?

    I'm preparing to adopt a Russian or Hermann's tortoise one day and have been looking around at supplies, and can't find any opaque plastic tubs to use as hides. I've looked at Home Depot, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Target and Fleet Farm. All I can find are clear totes or very heavy...
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    Enclosure arrangement

    I'm doing research in preparation for adopting a tortoise one day. Maybe I'm overthinking this, but how do you arrange your tortoise enclosure in terms of where you place the water bowl, feeding station, humid hide, etc.? I've read the caresheets and stickies but can't find any answers. My...
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    Non-toxic wood stains and sealers?

    Hey All, I posted a poll yesterday about stock tanks for indoor enclosures and was suggested to build a wood enclosure. I have no tortoise and am simply doing research at this point. How do people here paint and seal their tortoise tables? And do you only paint and seal the exterior and not...
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    POLL: Which indoor enclosure is better?

    -I do not have a tortoise. This is research while I await finding one to adopt through local rehomes or a non-profit rescue I've applied to. -I'm a homeowner and have enough space in my fenced backyard for a 5 to 6-foot wide by 10 to 12-foot long outdoor enclosure if/when I am able to adopt a...
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    New member (and question on sulcata vs Hermann's)

    Hello, I just joined the forum today so I can do more research in hopes of one day adopting a tortoise. I'm considering adopting a Russian or Hermann's tortoise at some point down the line. I live in Minnesota and have a yard for an outdoor enclosure and space in the house for an indoor...