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  1. Subersibo

    Blood on tail after humping a rock

    Yoshi’s been feeling horny and humping rocks in the yard almost every morning. These are smooth river rocks so no rough edges or anything. Today I noticed blood on his tail. Is this a cause for concern? Am giving him a warm bath now. Can I wipe it off with a cotton swab?
  2. Subersibo

    Tips for keeping Redfoot outdoors in Northern Cali?

    I live in Elk Grove, Ca. Summers here are HOT and pretty dry. Winters in the 30’s. Currently I have a 6 yr old leopard, Yoshi, who has a heated house and has the whole yard to graze and explore. Am thinking of adding a couple of redfoots for my sideyard separate from Yoshi. I plan to make a mini...
  3. Subersibo

    Bunch grass?

    Anyone feed bunch grass (or tussock) to their tortoises?
  4. Subersibo

    Mississippi map turtle in outdoor pond?

    Currently I have 4 adult RES in my pond. I live in the Sacramento area and was wondering if Mississippi map turtles can be kept outdoors year round? Pond is 12x10’ and 4’ deep (about 3,000 gallons). Has plenty of filtration (botton drain, sieve, skimmer, sand and gravel filters). Also has air...
  5. Subersibo

    Grass from feed store ?

    Anyone feed their tortoise grass from a feed store? I tried hay before but Yoshi won’t eat it. Not even if wet it and cut it up. He doesn’t like orchard grass also. I’m not certain what sort of grass they carry but it’s in a bale.
  6. Subersibo

    Laying eggs IN the pond

    I have 4 awesome adult red eared sliders in my 3,000 pond. I got them from a guy who rescued them from an abandoned pond which was completely drained so the turtles were put of water for a while. He rescued about 20 or so turtles. Anyway, they seem very happy in the pond and have freedom to roam...
  7. Subersibo

    Spineless cactus as staple

    I just got a bunch of food grade spineless cactus for free, some small (6"-1 ft), some big and thick (2 ft). Picked up about 50 or more pieces. (The guy had a huge row of them growing on his property). I read on the forum that some people feed this regularly. Can I feed any size or should I cut...
  8. Subersibo

    Are tortoises grossed out of their poop?

    My 4 year old leopard, Yoshi, leaves his box whenever he does his business in it. He seldom stays out for long except to eat and drink so whenever I see him walking outside the yard for a long time, that means I gotta clean up. He won't stay inside his box until I clean up all of it completely...
  9. Subersibo

    Sulcata(?) in a way too small tank on craigslist $150 for everything not bad. Hope someone can help this poor guy.
  10. Subersibo


    Thinking of getting one in the near future but I'm wondering if feeding them weeds (like the ones a russian tort eats) as a primary food source is a good idea? I read that they eats dandelions, mallow, clover, and other weeds. Of course I'll still feed the required seeds and veggies. I was just...
  11. Subersibo

    Small sulcata?

    Found this in the local Craigslist: 8 inches for a 7 year old seems small to me but he looks pretty good with minimal pyramiding. I've made several attempts to contact the owner since he posted the ad about 2 weeks ago but I'm guessing all...
  12. Subersibo

    Humidity for 10 inch leopard

    At 10 inches, (he is over 3 years old) is 40- mid 50 an acceptable humidity level? Temp is in the low 80's in the nightbox. Damp orchid bark substrate. I use a heat mat and radiant heat panel on a thermostat. I don't notice any pyramiding than what he already had before but I might be wrong...
  13. Subersibo

    Looking to adopt desert tortoise

    I'm in Elk Grove,CA 95757. Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can acquire a cdt? Hopefully not from somewhere too far. The farthest I can travel would be in the Bay area. Male or female, doesn't matter. I love my torts and have room in the yard for another (to be kept separately, of...
  14. Subersibo

    Free Russian in Bay Area
  15. Subersibo

    Updated indoor enclosure

    Here is an update to my enclosure build. A little over 6', 30" wide and about 20" high. It's been sitting unoccupied for months since summer. I intended it to be the winter quarters for my leopard but he is just too big now and prefers to live outdoors so I rearranged things and put my russian...
  16. Subersibo

    Outdoor living question

    Yoshi (3 yrs old next month and about 10") has been living in the great outdoors 24/7 in a heated house since May this year. He has a planted enclosure 15' x 13' but he seems to spend all day in his house. The only time I see him graze is when I put him out but then he will go straight back in...
  17. Subersibo

    Enclosure build

    Since my leopard has moved out to the yard full-time I wanted to modify his closed chamber into something else. The bottom half was a bookcase which I now took apart. This used to be the top half (I just put the original plywood flooring on the bottom. Had to cut it down to size a little to...
  18. Subersibo

    Basking rock

    Just wanted to share some pics of my adorable russian. I recently put this flat rock for basking. It was originally from my leopard's indoor enclosure but now that he lives outdoors I figured my russian would appreciate it and he has been on it frequently taking in his healthy dose of sunlight...
  19. Subersibo

    The move outdoors

    Yoshi (2.5 yrs old, 9 inches) has been living outside in his new nightbox for 3 days now and seems to just stay in the box most of the time. Hasn't been eating. Mornings and evenings are cold here but afternoons are in the mid-70's and sunny. (Box temps range from 81-86, humidity 50-60's)...
  20. Subersibo

    Nightbox finally completed!

    Based off Tom's excellent design. Size is like Team Gomberg's (2'x4'x2') Had my friend's dad construct this. 1.5" insulation all around. Only modification is the door is 4 inches higher so I can put 4 inches of dirt in there to increase humidity. The roof closes well, I just didn't put it on...