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    What’s this?

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    Spouses and Your Tortoises

    So my husband indulges my love for tortoises. If I want another one, I’ll ask him and he has never said no. I do the finances so I know when and what we can afford, so he’s never really questioned the money other than “how much is it.” Well recently, I had a c section for our second child...
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    homemade mosquito yard spray

    Would any of these be safe?
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    Outdoor enclosure plants

    I have roses and hostas planted. What else is easy to grow? I’m in South Georgia. Parts of the area has shade and the other part gets more mid-morning and early afternoon sun. There is grass growing and weeds trying to grow. Just looking for more to grow. I have a hibiscus plant potted in...
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    Plantain and what?

    I know the lighter one is plaintain, but what is the other.
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    Insulated Plywood

    I'm getting a female sulcata that I'd like to be able to have a night/winter box built for her. While getting the costs together, I found an insulated plywood. Would this work, assuming it could be cut and nailed for corners and not used just for flooring...
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    Ground weed ID

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    Weed ID

    I can’t remember if this is one I planted or something naturally growing or both. But I have a lot of in growing in part of my tortoise pen. Before I go out there and dig out the onions, I’m curious what this is in case I need to pull it too.
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    Organic rose hips and hibiscus

    Are these good for tortoises? Rosehips Whole Organic - 1 lb,(Frontier) Frontier Co-op Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Cut & Sifted, 1 Pound Bulk Bag
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    Sudanese versus non-Sudanese babies

    I understand the difference is seen as juveniles and adults, but is there a difference in babies that are 3-12 months? Just curious if you would know by site if a baby was Sudanese. I understand ask the breeder in history if his sulcatas. I’m more asking from curiosity.
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    Grass seeds

    I planted grass seeds and they’re starting to grow pretty good. These seeds had the blue coating. How long should o wait before putting my tortoises out?
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    I’d just like to verify the names of these two weeds. Please and thank you. Having trouble with the ID apps
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    Tips on getting grass to grow

    My tortoises eat the grass in .02 seconds as soon as spring starts. They eat the hostas and other plants I've planted as soon as they start to grow. Tips on adding grass mid-year or getting it to grow Right now their area is barren and just dirt.
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    One more tall one.

    Ok this is growing in my neighbors yard but hanging all in mine. I believe it's a weed not a tree, but I could be wrong. There are no flowers. It's about 6'+ tall
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    What vine is this

    I keep pulling it off my fence and putting it in my compost, but what is it? It grows on a tree in the yard behind my house. Last year I pulled tons off it off the tree, but it's back with the same force this year? I live in Georgia
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    What is this weed

    It currently stands about 2 foot tall. I've been letting it grow to see if it would flower. It hasn't.
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    Leachianus dragon noises

    I have many geckos to include 5 Leachianus adults. They make a lot of noise-barking, squawking, etc. My boyfriend decided tonight to inventory what the sounds were. He checked all the snakes and they were there. The "dragons" seemed fine bc they quieted when he looked in. I asked if he...
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    My boyfriend has decided to take on a trio

    So a guy at his work has a trio of ball pythons he's selling for $300 with the tank. I just want the tank, but it comes with the snakes. I have two snakes and was told no more, but now my boyfriend has decided he wants to try his hand at 1.2 with Gravid females. I'm not so thrilled bc I know who...
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    Guess what made this shadow

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    What is this weed/plant?

    It has black berries on it. I've been letting it grow to see if it flowered, but so far it hasn't.