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  1. River14

    Agrobs cobs

    Has anyone tried the German product Agrobs. Its meant to be extremely good. Im trying to decide if I should import some baby feed. They have been making horse and pet food for many many years. I just know I will go to all this...
  2. River14

    Some tortoise prices

    I think these are very much cheaper in Hong Kong? HK$ divide by 7.7 to get US$
  3. River14

    The right Marigold

    As far as my research has gone the correct marigold to feed is "pot marigold". Dont know if everyone has found that too? I tried both the pot and African marigold and they wont touch the African. Squish a leaf and you will see why. It smells like gasoline. Do any of yours eat the African...
  4. River14

    Stars mute!!!!

    The Hindu National newspaper, after finding an airline passenger with 482 Indian Star tortoise hatchlings in his baggage. The tortoises were drugged and dehydrated to keep them from moving. It took three days for some of them to start moving again the rest were dead! [hr] I see so they are...
  5. River14

    best Star Indian Burmes site out there Ok most of you will probably know this but even if you do read again. Isn't wonderful how much we recognise our own Stars in all this. I was so wanting tp leave my stars out tonight as its indeed a stary (sic) heavenly sky. But just as I was sitting...
  6. River14

    Indian stars

    Ok that didn't work hmmmmm. Try again. [hr] Ok if I could delete posts that would be good. [/php] [hr] Ok both upside down and way too large but there it is ( :[hr] I was watching the stars out in the veldt today exercising. It was really fascinating they walk fast all over the place and...
  7. River14

    Indian Stars in Hong Kong doing well. Some pictures

    Here are the little hatchlings, OK they are a little bigger than they were as hatchlings when I first got them, but still they are teeny. Sorry about the quality of the pictures but my phone only sometimes co-operates. The basket is their day time home, I put on the lawn so you could see it...
  8. River14


    I was incredibly surprised to see two large Geochelone nigrens galapagoensis, I suspect juvenile 2-3year olds (giant Galapagos tortoises) for sale in a reptile shop here in Hong Kong. Not only those but two yearlings. Apparently they have full documentation and come from the breeding...
  9. River14


    Hi everyone. I live in the balmy subtropics of Hong Kong, Im from South Africa. Incredibly and luckily I managed to get a lovely house right in the middle of the mountain national park. This is where my three dogs, fish and giant monitor lizard (wild) are resident plus the comings and goings...
  10. River14


    Ok Im some place this has come up here. Someone asked if rice was good for tortoises (im not sure what kind of tortoise) but it got me thinking. certainly at times of the year grass is going to head and be high in carbs as is some fruit fallen from trees. My question is what is the best kind...