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  1. Pittrock

    Hi from Toto!

    He's very handsome! Give him lots of love. I bet he's glad you found him!
  2. Pittrock

    Hello from wintry Wisconsin.

    Welcome! Glad to have you. I have a 7mth old Dalmatian Hermann. This forum has been very helpful. I like your tort's darker facial features.
  3. Pittrock


    Here's what my vet recommended. He liked coconut oil too but preferred the Argan. It's a lighter oil with very little residue. I got it on Amazon. Make sure you get "cold pressed". I use it VERY sparingly - 2 drops for the baby and no more than once/wk. I do think it's making a difference.
  4. Pittrock

    1st birthday.

    Very handsome!!! Happy BDay!!
  5. Pittrock

    New to keeping tortoises!

    UVB rays are rather weak compared to UVA. Things like cloud cover, screened porches, time of day/year, or even screening over your enclosure with a UVB bulb will have an impact on UVB rays getting to the tort. Unobstructed direct sunlight is important. [hr] Daily soaks are suggested for the...
  6. Pittrock

    New to keeping tortoises!

    Fair enough - I would certainly defer to you on these matters - as I'm still the "newbie" as it relates to keeping a tort - but want to do my best to share learnings as best I can - especially for a fellow snake enthusiast.
  7. Pittrock

    New to keeping tortoises!

    I used to keep snakes (ball pythons) as well and now have a Hermann!! It's important you get the right setup for your tort - keeping them in any kind of glass aquarium is discouraged. Many on the forum use tortoise tables but a giant Rubbermaid container will suffice as well (especially as a...
  8. Pittrock

    Hermann tortoise's shell

    My 7mth old Dalmatian is doing same thing. You can it a little if you zoom in.
  9. Pittrock

    Beanz not happy I'm married!!

    Yes. He's a Dalmatian (about 7mos old) - and becoming quite a character!
  10. Pittrock

    Paarthurnax's First Trip to the Vet!

    Thx! The thing that makes this particular oil useful is that it doesn't leave an oily residue. It's very light - and is supposed to penetrate the shell better - and works quite well on cuticles also - so I've been told!!! Lol!!
  11. Pittrock

    Paarthurnax's First Trip to the Vet!

    I read a lot of negative posts on the Vita Shell from this forum and others - so I recently switched to "cold pressed" Argan Oil - also recommended by vet. It's a little pricey - bought mine on Amazon but you only need a few drops. I put it on mine a couple times/wk after soak before feeding...
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    Meet the handsome Lemon!

    He's super handsome!!!
  13. Pittrock

    Beanz not happy I'm married!!

    Starting to think it might be a girl. Not liking the wedding band!!!
  14. Pittrock

    Where's the poop??!!!

    YYYYYYYYUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!! At least they're efficient! I guess I have a lot to learn. :)
  15. Pittrock


    @ Tom, Here's the current setup for 6mth baby Hermann... Please look at both water dishes. Do you recommend either - one is an "oasis" style that has fake "rock" to climb out. The other is just a basic corner dish with about 2" of water. Dimensions of enclosure are 36" x 20" x 18" High. It's...
  16. Pittrock


    Tom...I've seen you write this a couple do they become death traps? Is the issue that they can't climb out? I have a "corner" water dish - small - from PetSmart - that I refill every couple of days. I want to make sure I'm not creating an unsafe environment. Thanks!
  17. Pittrock

    Where's the poop??!!!

    I'm concerned - where and when is my baby popping?? Beanz (6mth old Hermann) is active and eating well. He gets a soak daily. Enclosure has all the humidity and temps recommended by the forum. I feel like all my bases are covered. I've had him for 2 weeks. He has NEVER pooped during his soak...
  18. Pittrock

    Donatello this morning

    Looks like a happy boy!!!
  19. Pittrock

    Introducing my babies

    Your setup is AMAZING!!! So jealous! I feel like a failure as a tort parent!!!
  20. Pittrock

    Newbie with dalmatian hermann's tortoise

    Based on what I've read here in the forum, temperature gradients are the most important thing along with proper humidity. Tort should have 15-20 degrees difference throughout the enclosure - doing this in a 10gallon glass enclosure makes this difficult. The heat helps with digestion - 90...