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  1. Melissa Butler

    Outdoor Playpen Problems

    Just bought Alfie an outdoor playpen from ZooMed and he hates it! He's been prowling back and forth like a caged lion and keep trying to poke his head through the bars. Is this normal? Will he get used to it?
  2. Melissa Butler

    Favorite Substrate?

    I'm using a 50/50 mix of organic top soil from the hardware store and Reptile Bark for my Herman's tortoise substrate. The Reptile Bark seems expensive. What are some appropriate substitutes?
  3. Melissa Butler

    What is a healthy color of urine and fecal matter?

    I'm a new Herman's tortoise owner. I've done a bunch of research and think that I'm providing a healthy environment for my tort. But, this morning his urine was white. Is this normal? Also, his poop is always green, soft and mushy. What does healthy urine and poop look like?