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    Why is a tortoise a bad gunfighter? Because he only has 1 shell.
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    Is it just me or is there more of these black pop-up ads. I hardly get a chance to read the post and I have to tap the x on the ads.
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    A little poem

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    Bath Time

    Here's my boy, Cecil just out of his soak
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    Can I put an african voilets in my redfoot area? He's just a baby.
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    Baby Redfoot

    Here is my baby redfoot. He is now 4months old.His name is Cecil.
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    New Baby

    Here's my new baby Cecil. I just got him today from Will at Kapidolo. He is just 3 months old.
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    Leopards for sale

    Are there any leopard babies for sale.
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    Here is my guy, Ty-Ty out in the yard today.
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    Lost and found

    So today was just like any other. I put my 2 yr. old tortoise Ty-Ty out in my front yard. I was busy so after an HR. I went to get him. He's always in the front. But today no luck. I search around then I notice the gate was open. Well, I knew he was gone. I live on a gravel road in the middle of...
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    Kapidolo Farms

    I just got my ordered for tortoise food. Not only was it fast, there was instructions on the back of every bag on how to prepare and feed my tortoise. It was great. I will order again. Wonderful service
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    Yvonne G pic for you

    Happy Birthday
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    Pic to cheer

    Thought you might enjoy this
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    Mulberry leaves

    How many leaves should you feed a 2 year old sully. I just started to give him a few, and he chow down. This is not the only thing he has to eat.
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    Basking Bulb

    My bulb went out i forgot what size it was. Have a sully in 4 x 8 covered box. I have a strip light but he likes to sit under the bulb.
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    Eating Machine

    Is there a limit on how much food sulcata should eat. I have a 18 month old guy and he will eat everything i give him. I try to give him small amounts thru the day, i just don't want to overfeed him.
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    I was just wondering, out of all the tortoises which do you think is the friendliest?
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    I have a yr. old sucalta. I haven't seen any urates for several days. Everything else is fine. Should i be worried?
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    Here is my little guy, Titus enjoying some clover. He is almost a yr. old.
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    I was wondering if anyone knows how good a sully smells. Sometimes my tort acts like a blood hound. Any thoughts?