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  1. Bryan

    Stay Safe Our Friends In Florida

    I've got so many friends and acquaintances in Florida that I've met on here and from elsewhere, things look scary right now but we're all pulling for you. Stay safe and God Bless.
  2. Bryan

    Use of Indoor Insecticide Near Tortoise Enclosure?

    Just wondering if anyone has had issues with inside bugs or spiders that required insecticide when they had torts indoors? If so which products did you use?
  3. Bryan

    Anyone Use Any Outdoor Heat Lamps?

    I'm wondering if anyone has used any good "weather proof" or weather resistant heat lamps and bulbs? If so which brands have you had success with? I'm looking for something that will give me a basking spot on days when it's rainy and cool. Thanks!
  4. Bryan

    Looking For Adult/Sub Adult Female Cherryheads

    Preferably adults and you must be willing to ship. Thanks, Bryan
  5. Bryan

    Amount Of Days Between Clutches For Brazilian Redfoots/Cherryheads?

    I am currently incubating my first clutch of eggs that were laid between 7-29 and 7-31 of this year. As it stands it's been between 42 and 44 days since she last laid. These were the first eggs that I've gotten from her with the exception of a single egg that she laid on the ground sometime last...
  6. Bryan

    Any Amazon Basin Yellowfoot Keepers Out There?

    A very beautiful tort but it seems like it's been pretty hard to come by hatchlings of late, does anyone here keep or breed these torts? As I mentioned in another thread a friend of mine had a beautiful female but she is now deceased. I'm sure that in time he'd like to get at least another...
  7. Bryan

    Paging Juvenile Cherryhead Sexing Experts!

    I was wondering if anyone could confidently predict the sexes on these 2 torts? The first is about 5 1/4" SCL and the 2nd is about 4 3/4" SCL.
  8. Bryan

    Exceptional Cherryhead Female 8"+

    Looking for an exceptional female, nice smooth shell (preferably with marbling), lots of red head and leg scales.
  9. Bryan

    Has Anyone Used Panacur?

    If so what are the dosages like for hatchlings how much/how long? Where did you get it from, etc. Thanks!
  10. Bryan

    What Types Of Substrates Do You Use Indoors?

    Seeing as it might be difficult for me to find Cypress Mulch and other than Sphagnum Moss, what do you use?
  11. Bryan

    Cypress Mulch Brand/Retailers?

    I went to my local hardware stores this weekend but couldn't find any cypress mulch. If you use cypress what retailer do you get them from and what is the brand name?
  12. Bryan

    UVA/UVB For Inside Tortoises

    Just wondering how many of you use UVA/UVB bulbs and how many just do UVA with a heat lamp?
  13. Bryan

    Amazon Basin Yellowfoot Breeders?

    I have a friend that has a large female and would like to get some juveniles next year. Anyone know who sells these large growing Yellowfoots?
  14. Bryan

    Cuttlebone For Hatchlings?

    Just wondering what the procedure is for giving cuttlebone to juveniles?
  15. Bryan

    Anyone Feed Their Redfoots Fig Leaves?

    I have a big tree and I was wondering what kind of results people have gotten feeding them fig leaves as a major source of greens in their diet?
  16. Bryan

    Fig Leaves For Redfoots?

    I believe that I read somewhere that the leaves are also good for torts, anyone on here feed their redfoots or other torts these types of fig leaves?
  17. Bryan

    My New Cherryheads!

    I got these beauties from Carl May and Eric Holt from Empire Of the Turtle. They will both be at the Daytona expo. And yes I did just get EIGHT of them LOL! :D I am blessed to live in a state where they will be able to live outside year 'round once they are large enough. I'm very, VERY happy to...
  18. Bryan

    Maximum Water Temp For Clemmys Guttata?

    Hi guys, I live in a place where the temps can get into the low to mid 90's. How warm of water can a spotted handle tolerate? I read that they don't like deeper water so the ability to have a thermocline of sorts in the aquatic portion of their enclosure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Bryan

    Can Aquatic Turtles Be Affected By Ich?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has had any aquatic turtles that have been infected with Ich, or if they have co-inhabited a tank with fish with ich and haven't been affected.
  20. Bryan

    Can a Juvenile Yellow foot look identical to a Northern Red foot?

    I came across a pair of adult Yellow foots (I had no trouble identifying them at all even though I am very new to torts), and I was told that they were breeding and that they had a number of babies and that one was there. I then saw the baby and it had a very light yellow head, orange to more...