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  1. Anthony32

    Cough my Russian Tort talking today

    After putting in some collard greens for Teto to eat I cleaned up the kitchen and snuck in to watch him eat and he was over by the greens looking around and making a crowing sound he did it a few times then started to eat I have read post about this on here and was excited to here my boy use his...
  2. Anthony32

    Looking to treat my Tort!!!

    I love my Russian tortoise so much He is an adult and want to give him a special meal/treat I have tried a strawberry twice but he did not touch it while or cut up I ordered prickly Pear cactus pads 5 of them and he barely touch them I gave one whole one sliced and one cut into cubes all...
  3. Anthony32

    Ok how do I feed these to my RT???? (cactus)

    okay just got these in the mail today they don't have any Prickley's on him but I don't know if I need to do anything besides wash them cut them up and feed to Tedo my Russian tortoise?????
  4. Anthony32

    Shell growth???

    noticed the discoloring a few months back seams like more is showing up is it from his shell growing???
  5. Anthony32

    questions (doesn't use his hide)

    OK had the Eco carpet in my Russians home and after being told it was bad got rid if it and now use cocunut bedding stuff before I just had cocunut in his hide box with the carpet in the basking area and he would sleep every night in the hide box now that the carpet is gone replaced with cocunut...
  6. Anthony32

    soaking Russian question

    Is this to small of a soaking tub????
  7. Anthony32

    Not so shy Russian

    I have had Tedo for little under 3 weeks and he is not shy every time I spot clean he chases after me and when I sit and look into his turtle box he come over and trys to climb up to me.....I love him and i am so glad that we got him :<3::tort: this normal or do I have a RT with a...
  8. Anthony32

    Over eating

    Do Russians stop eating or do you have to take food away? it seams every time I feed him escarole or roman he eats till he can't move. I am worried of over feeding him ......I mean I am Italian :)
  9. Anthony32

    Tedo going to town!!!!

    I love his pink tongue
  10. Anthony32

    how old is my RT????

    Tedo was purchased at Petco his shell size is 4.5 inches any idea how old he is???
  11. Anthony32

    I love when Tedo lays like this

    Tedo relaxing at soak time
  12. Anthony32

    Help!!!!! (ate yesterday but not today)

    New to the world of tortoise I have a Russian and for the first 11 days he was active yesterday I fed him three baby carrots cut up and roman lettuce he ate it all for the first time usually I am throwing half away but when he was done he would not move for a minute I thought he was dead after...
  13. Anthony32

    Heeeeere's Tedo!!!!

    Love my new little buddy Tedo he us my first Russian tortoise picked him up 7/8 and he is doing great!!!
  14. Anthony32

    eat sleep eat?????

    Have a question for my Russian tortoise Tedo have had him for 3 days I feed him around 10am to 1pm depending on my schedule he will hang out of his hide box till around 4 pm then he goes in the box till the next morning...... I know he is new to our environment and will take a bit to get into a...
  15. Anthony32

    Picked up Tedo today!!!!!

    This is my seconds post and I I'm excited to announce Tedo to our family in Baldwinsville, NY he is a Russian Tortoise and is enjoying his first day at our home I will post pictures when he gets settled in but he loves his new home and ate like a champ tonight.....thus is my 1st tortoise
  16. Anthony32

    hi everyone

    Hi everyone my new is Anthony and I live on Baldwinsville,NY I am going to buy my first tortoise next week. I have finally got all my suplys and set up yesterday. I do ask is there is enough room for a Russian tortoises? I used a dolled for size scall don't know if I should take out the...