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    Odd behavior. Egg bound?

    My 5 year old female star has been acting a bit odd lately. First I saw her sniffing the ground in area I had already identified as a viable nesting site. I quickly removed the male assuming the female was about to lay. It’s been over a week now. She’s no longer sniffing but acting rather lazy...
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    Star breeding questions and observations

    Hi guys, Having had my male star for a good 20+ years I was thinking of getting some tortoise offspring for my offspring so he too will have a lifetime pet, or 2. But being in Sri Lanka due to their threatened state I don’t wish to pick up any stars from the wild. It’s also illegal sell them in...
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    Greetings from Sri Lanka

    A big hello to my fellow reptile lovers. I’m from Sri Lanka. My tortoise is a Sri Lankan star (naturally) named turbo. We obtained turbo back in 1996 from a neighborhood fish collector for $1. So yes, he must be a wild caught specimen. But being so close to the capital city he wouldn’t have...