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  1. Pittrock

    Beanz not happy I'm married!!

    Starting to think it might be a girl. Not liking the wedding band!!!
  2. Pittrock


    @ Tom, Here's the current setup for 6mth baby Hermann... Please look at both water dishes. Do you recommend either - one is an "oasis" style that has fake "rock" to climb out. The other is just a basic corner dish with about 2" of water. Dimensions of enclosure are 36" x 20" x 18" High. It's...
  3. Pittrock

    Where's the poop??!!!

    I'm concerned - where and when is my baby popping?? Beanz (6mth old Hermann) is active and eating well. He gets a soak daily. Enclosure has all the humidity and temps recommended by the forum. I feel like all my bases are covered. I've had him for 2 weeks. He has NEVER pooped during his soak...
  4. Pittrock

    Russian Available - to the right home - near Atlanta

    I have a handsome Russian available for adoption. I will ONLY give him up to the right family. We've recently acquired another tort and Henry is having a tough time adjusting. I blame this on myself. After reading all the great posts and truly learning from this forum, I've come to realize I...
  5. Pittrock

    Hermanns @ 6mos - Daily Soaks Still Needed?

    I have a 6mth old Hermann - got him from TortoiseSupply 2 wks ago. He's very healthy (had stool checked) eating well and active. He's in a 3x3' Rubbermaid right now with coco coir and topsoil with 12hrs of ReptiSun UVB/heat combo lamp. Water dish, cuttle bone and hide all provided. I spray the...
  6. Pittrock

    My Russian Enjoying Morning Bath

    Here's Henry enjoying a morning bath during the Atlanta storm!
  7. Pittrock

    Dalmatian Hermann pics...

    I don't always see a lot of Dalmatian Hermann pics out there. Here's a few pics of Beanz so you can get a better idea of what they look like - top to bottom. He's 6mos old. The fluorescent "button" on top of shell is breeder's mark and will fall off in couple months. I didn't want to pull it off.
  8. Pittrock

    Beanz - Enjoying his morning treat

    My Dalmatian Hermann enjoying some "Rep Cal" tortoise treats. It's funny - my Russian won't touch these but Beanz loves them!
  9. Pittrock

    Beanz is starting to enjoy the new home!!!

    I've had him for 3 days now. Today was the first day he actually ventured out freely to check out his home. Also took poop sample to the vet today... No issues!!! *sigh of relief* - thanks again to TortoiseSupply for sending a healthy tortoise! I just changed the substrate from cypress to...
  10. Pittrock

    Baby Hermann - How active should they be?

    This is our first baby tort (about 4mos) - we've had him a little less than a week. He sleeps a lot - buries himself into substrate majority of time. I have to get him for feeding time. It takes him about 5 minutes to get "active"... I've been giving him regular daily baths, UVB and heat to 90...
  11. Pittrock

    Baby Hermann - 6mos old - First Vet appt?

    I just got him this week from TortoiseSupply. We have an excellent reptile vet here who saw my adult Russian (I got him as an adult). But with this baby...when should I bring him to his first vet appt? He's eating, drinking and all seems well.
  12. Pittrock

    Baby Tort - sharp nails

    I have a baby Hermann (about 6mos old). His nails are quite sharp. When should they be trimmed for first time? I'm assuming it's like any other animal, have to be careful not to cut back too much.
  13. Pittrock

    Anyone from Atlanta? Powder Springs/Marietta?

    Just getting into tortoises. Wondering who's in the area?
  14. Pittrock

    Kudos to Tortoise Supply - Tyler

    My baby Dalmatian arrived safely today from Tyler is AWESOME!!! And super responsive. They are a pleasure to work with.
  15. Pittrock

    Baby Dalmatian Hermann arrived today!!!

    No name yet - very excited he arrived safely! Thank you Tyler @ TortoiseSupply
  16. Pittrock

    Soon to be proud Dalmation Hermann owner!

    My name is Matthew - from Atlanta GA. I've recently joined to the tort forum to learn more about these wonderful creatures! Daughter and I are expecting our first baby Dalmatian Hermann from Tyler at TortoiseSupply. Pics will be coming soon!