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  1. Peggy Sue

    Red cabbage

    A friend gave me a large head of red cabbage is it ok to feed my Sulcata? 🐢❤️
  2. Peggy Sue

    Training your tortoise

    It might sound funny but we have been working on training Sheldon to come out of his night box, shed, or his burrow by knocking on the wood floor or fence. When I first started doing it I thought it was a fluke when he would come out. But he consistently comes out to greet me or my husband when...
  3. Peggy Sue

    Drying flowers

    I have been gathering up rose of Sharon flowers and drying them for winter use and was wondering what other flowers are you guys drying? Has anyone tried squash blossoms? I have a lot and am curious if it’s been done. I will do a test one tomorrow. Thank in advance 😊🐢
  4. Peggy Sue

    Great find!

    Super excited to find this Hibiscus 🌺 at my local nursery the grow a lot of their own plants and I got to talk to the gal who takes care of them to know zero pesticides or any kind of herbicide was used at all and only organic fertilizer was used. So I can use this to feed right away. I wasn’t...
  5. Peggy Sue

    How hot should your tortoise get

    So we have reached our triple digit heat, my question is how hot is the max temp your tortoise should get before they over heat? It was a 103 yesterday and a 108 in his favorite hide.
  6. Peggy Sue

    Outdoor enclosure with shed

    Phase one is complete 😃 getting ready to start phase 2ground cleared and ready to build fence going up the inspector checking out the work on his burrow 😂🐢 now phase 2 is irrigation and planting phase 3 will be completing the inside of the shed
  7. Peggy Sue

    Lighting for outdoor shed

    Ok guys those of you that use sheds in colder climates. What kind of light do you use and how many? If it is insulated and heated do you still need a che? He will have a heated box inside the shed to sleep in.
  8. Peggy Sue

    Heat mat/rhp

    Getting ready to build our sleeping box in the new shed, what wattage do you guys suggest for the heat mat and rhp? We will be wiring the shed for electrical and want to give my husband a idea of what we might need. Also what size is the standard for a door to go out into the enclosure. Thanks...
  9. Peggy Sue

    Egg shells

    Silly question, I usually use cuttlebone for Sheldon but he has eaten them all up and I haven’t had a chance to go get more. Was curious when you use egg shells for calcium do you use the ones from raw eggs or boiled or does it not make a difference? Thank you always for the great advice 😊🐢❤️
  10. Peggy Sue

    Growing dandelion

    Has anyone had any luck growing dandelions from collecting the fluff and planting? I have a few dandelion here and there but would love to grow more for Sheldon ❤️🐢
  11. Peggy Sue

    Is this spurge?

    Found this growing in my backyard where I get all the tortoise weeds was wondering is it spurge and can they eat it or I will pull it out
  12. Peggy Sue

    Power outage

    Wanted to give a big thanks to the forum and especially @Yvonne G for the idea of using hand warmers. We had a main power line knocked down yesterday and our power was out from 4:30am till 10:30 am. With 4 small warmers tucked around Sheldon in the bark we were able to keep his temp at 80. We...
  13. Peggy Sue

    Shed design for cold weather

    Since we live in Oregon and it can get pretty cold and wet. We decided to go with a shed for Sheldon with a box inside for nightbox. Anyone have good pictures on how they set up your lights and heaters we could check out? He will have a door with access to the outside tortoise yard for when it’s...
  14. Peggy Sue

    Tv commercial

    Has anyone seen the wonderful pistachio commercial with Sheldon the tortoise? I of course thought it was hysterical. Saw for the first time last night and found it on you tube. :D Wish I was more tech savvy and knew how to link it :tort::<3:
  15. Peggy Sue


    found this growing in my back pasture PlantSnap says grape not sure if it’s wild or something else what do you guys think?
  16. Peggy Sue

    Outside enclosure upgrade

    We just upgraded Sheldon’s outside enclosure. It is 8x8 foot square built around a tree. He is enjoying his outside time. Husband and son are working on building the top to keep out any predators. :D
  17. Peggy Sue


    we just finished making a new outdoor enclosure and planted some flowers and other plants which the earwigs promptly ate last night anyone have any ideas on what to do since spraying is obviously out of the question?
  18. Peggy Sue

    Bind weed

    i am curious tortoise table list bind weed as a feed in moderation and it is listed in the common weeds pictures at the top of this section as toxic do not feed. What do you guys think? Thank you Peggy Sue
  19. Peggy Sue

    Safe to eat?

    Does anyone know if bird of paradise leaves are safe for a tortoise to eat?
  20. Peggy Sue

    Anybody have a clue what this might be

    I can’t seem to find the ID to this plant anywhere I live in southern Oregon and it is in mounds all over my backyard want to know if it is safe to feed thanks guys