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    Recently Tiddles, my three year old Hermanns tort has gotten these little circular dots on his shell and I’m not sure if it’s anything to worry about, I don’t think it’s shell rot but I also think I might be overreacting.. I’ve attached some pictures so you can see, anyone know if this is...
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    Healthy shell

    Hey I just wanted to check if his shell is looking all healthy and good :)
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    What breed is this?

    Someone on TikTok said they didn’t know what breed their tort was, so I thought some of you would know!! what is it??
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    So I’ve been thinking about getting a greenhouse in my garden for my Hermanns tort to live in but I’m not sure about it. the temperature would be hard to control and I would probably have to bring him inside in the winter.. has anyone on here ever had a greenhouse for their tort, or have one...
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    Water vitamins?

    When I first got my tortoise they gave me these water vitamins but I’ve never used them very much and I just wanted to make sure that he doesn’t need them. I don’t really trust them so I wanted to make sure! Thanks 🙏
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    I’ve seen quite a few tortoise accounts on instagram give their tortoises rubber bouncy balls to play with and letting them explore on the floor in their houses. Is this safe to do? And is it beneficial, especially because it’s getting colder here in the uk so I can’t take my tortoise out very...
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    Plants for a Hermanns tort?

    Sorry I have t been on here over the last few months. Recently I’ve been looking into getting some plants for my tortoises enclosure because he hasn’t got any. What are the best plants for a hermanns tortoise that aren’t too big? Thanks 🙏 🐢
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    Growing food?

    I live in the uk and I want to start growing some of my tortoises food. What is the best but easiest food that I can grow for him? We’re going to the garden centre in a bit to buy whatever seeds I want :) thanks 🙏
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    When is the best time to weigh a tortoise? Before they eat? After their bath? After they eat? I have no clue!!
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    Enclosure check

    I just want anyone to see if there is anything I should add or take out of etc his enclosure!! Also if you can send pictures of your enclosures I want to see them :) he also has a area on the left that is covered and dark but it’s not very interesting lol
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    Burying himself?

    I have just changed the substrate in my tortoises enclosure to a mixture of cypress mulch and some coconut terrain! I just came into my room to check on Tiddles and he was no where to be seen, I was panicking and didn’t understand where he could be. There was no way he had escaped, and then I...
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    UVB lamp

    How long should a uvb lamp be on for per day? I currently have a heat lamp and uvb bulb combined but I’m debating getting them separate, how long would it have to be on for per day? Thank you! 🙏
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    Gain weight

    I think my two year old Hermanns tortoise is under weight... he doesn’t eat much but he never has eaten much since I got him when he was very young! How can I get him to gain more weight?!
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    I have a two year old Hermanns tortoise! Does anyone know how much he should weigh considering his age and breed? If so can you tell me it would be very helpful :)
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    my tortoise saw my hands while I was putting his food on his slate and started to run for my hand, I thought he was ruining for the food but then he stopped and started to nudge my finger with his head? What was he doing?
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    What brand of substrate do you recommend and why? Because I’m looking for new substrate because mine is too dry and dusty
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    Bath time

    So after you bathe your tortoise how do you guys dry them? Because if I put him back in his tortoise table he will just get muddy again! And if I try dry him He keeps walking away so I have to pick him up again or he’ll walk off the table and he obviously doesn’t like that so is there a better way?!
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    My tortoise LOVES broccoli but I don’t know how much to feed him! Also, I feed him once a day and dust his food once every few days, do I need to feed more, less or anything like that? That’s all for now!!
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    Can I grow dandelions under my tortoises heat lamp? Just wondering about growing some in there for him!!
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    Should I feed pellets?

    I don’t feed my tortoise pellets just fresh vegetables but I’ve seen a lot of people on this forum who are feeding their tortoises pellets! Should I be feeding them???