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  1. Big Ol Tortoise

    First hibernation

    Hello everybody! I'm wanting to hibernate my box turtles this year. The only problem is I've never hibernated them before. I'd like to know some pointers and a type of soil that is safe for my box turtles. Here's a pic of them
  2. Big Ol Tortoise


    The gulf coast has some shell deformity but he's very active and eats a lot. I have two more babies but I don't have any pictures on my phone so I'll the rest later. The gulf coasts name is stinky, and the 3 toads name is Charles the second.
  3. Big Ol Tortoise

    Meet cotton and valentine!

    I've had these guys for a few months and I finally figured out names for them!
  4. Big Ol Tortoise


    So I finally got a scale so I can record the growth of the Bolivian! I wish I would've gotten the scale a month sooner but oh well. These were taken 5/15/17
  5. Big Ol Tortoise

    New Bolivians

    Hello everybody. It's been awhile since I've posted or comment, but i have a good reason! I finally got my Bolivian redfoots!! I've had them for over a month now, and I just love them.
  6. Big Ol Tortoise

    Putting rubber bins together

    I've seen people say you can put storage bins together to make a bigger enclosure. How?
  7. Big Ol Tortoise


    What's with all the bots on TFO that just spam at night?
  8. Big Ol Tortoise

    Help with I.D

    also is it edible?
  9. Big Ol Tortoise

    Starfish Cactus

    Is star fish cactus good for red foots and box turtles or is it poisons?
  10. Big Ol Tortoise

    How often should a box turtle poop?

    Mrs.Turtle is an adult 3 toed box turtle. How often should she be pooping? Everyday? Every other day? She does her business 1-2 times a week.
  11. Big Ol Tortoise

    bamboo leaves?

    I'm at grandpas at he has this plant. looks like it would be good Turtle food
  12. Big Ol Tortoise

    No profile picture?

    So I've changed my profile picture a few times and for me it's still blank with the smiley face with a X for an eye. How do I fix this?
  13. Big Ol Tortoise

    Trimmed beak help

    I'm clipping Mrs.Turtles beak and I notice that the right side of here beak is thicker. So I'm doing my best to make it look nice and what do you know... I clipped her beak just a little to far and there's a tiny bit of blood and I mean you have to be face to face to see it. So what do I do...
  14. Big Ol Tortoise

    Loud clack

    Yesterday Mrs.Turtle started making this loud, and I mean loud noise when she eats. Could her beak be the problem? I clipped her beak recently, so should I do more? or could it be her throat doing this.
  15. Big Ol Tortoise

    Need help with hedge

    So in the front of our house we have multiple hedges that have these red little berries, what are these and are they edible?
  16. Big Ol Tortoise


    Is cabbage bad for box turtles? If not can I feed it on a regular basis?
  17. Big Ol Tortoise

    Merry Christmas & thank you

    I wanted to just say how much I truly love this forum. Everyone is nice, helpful, and cares about you and your turtles/tortoises. This forum has helped me so much with my 3 toed box turtle and my soon to be red foot. So to everyone on this forum, thank you. (Especially the mods) Thanks to...
  18. Big Ol Tortoise

    Waking up a sleeping tortoise/turtle

    Is it bad to wake up a sleeping tortoise/turtle? Does it affect young ones? or do they just wake up like us.
  19. Big Ol Tortoise

    Cactus soil

    so I have recently gotten these cactus I know it needs sandy soil but I have a kinda clay type... So what soils would you guys recommend? I really don't want to mess up planting these guys.
  20. Big Ol Tortoise

    Radiated vs Indian star

    What's the difference between these two types of tortoise?