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  1. CurtB

    Indoor/Outdoor Tortoise Camera

    Based on your experience, what type of indoor/outdoor camera do you use to monitor your babies? I currently have the Petcube but that quality is just decent for my taste and I was hoping to transition to a different camera. Just wanted some opinions on the types of brands you use and maybe some...
  2. CurtB

    Question about CHE and RPH

    So I have a major question about Radiated heating panels as well as Radiated heating pads. So I recently bought this tortoise home on Amazon: Its dimensions are 15" x 18" x 10" and I bought it with the intent of building my...
  3. CurtB

    Help, tortoise scrape

    Help! So my tortoise was running around her enclosure today and she accidentally went through a small piece of cypress mulch and I think it grazed just a little of her skin! Is there any way I can treat it? I’m planning on going to the vet just to be safe :eek: she seems to be walking fine...
  4. CurtB

    Indoor Greenhouse, thoughts?

    So I just upgraded my tortoise table by getting a indoor greenhouse to control humidity! what are your thoughts (: Should I let it vent out before fully using it?
  5. CurtB

    Walking around grass from Apartment complex

    Hey everyone, question, im slowly taking my baby Tee outside to enjoy some real sun and next to my apartment unit - literally outside we have a small grassland area full of weeds and common grasses. I was curious, can I let her roam around the grass while monitoring her? I’ve observed the way my...
  6. CurtB

    Weird Movement, Can anyone tell me the reason?

    Hey, so today I was tending for my tortoise, gave her a nice warm soak this morning for about 20 mins and let her do her thing in the morning. Overall she seemed fine, nothing out of the ordinary; she ate her food consisted of: prickly pear cactus, organic dandelion greens, kale, rose petals...
  7. CurtB

    Nice to meet everyone!

    I've been peeping around TF for a while and have posted only a small amount of topics but, I haven't really formally introduced myself and my baby Tee (: Here she is! shes my yearling marginated tortoise! I've had her for 7 months now and I've been doing my best to find better ways to make her...
  8. CurtB

    UVB penetrate through acrylic Plexiglass or glass?

    I was just curious, I have a dome light with 2 Zoomed UVB bulbs attached to it that sit above thin glass over my tortoise box. There is no hole cut through the glass, Is this a bad thing? Will my little baby be getting UVB/UVA passing through or should I cut through it
  9. CurtB

    Thoughts on my tortoise table setup

    Hey everyone, So, For 6 months, I have been religiously taking to account everyone's recommendations and suggestions when it comes to setting up an indoor tortoise table, just so that my little guy is happy and thriving! I want a little bit of feedback with my tortoise table setup since I...
  10. CurtB

    Combining tortoise Tables

    I have a question. I’ve seen somewhere on the web that you can combine two Zoomed tortoise tables together? I was wondering if anyone knows if this is possible because I was wondering if I was going to need to do some drilling to combine the two enclosure together Thank you (:
  11. CurtB

    Marginated Tortoise Hibernation?

    So I live in California where the weather indoors and outdoors are pretty constant and own a Mediterranean tortoise. He is mainly an Indoor tortoise with constant basking temperatures and uvb/uva light. I was wondering if my tortoise needs to hibernate or if I have to ever prepare for him to...
  12. CurtB

    Question about Hibernation?

    So I currently have a beautiful mariginated tortoise who is mainly indoors with proper light sources. My question is, I live in California where there weather tends to be normally moderate between 70-90 degrees regardless of the season. Since my tortoise is mainly indoor in his tortoise box is...
  13. CurtB

    Question about my yearling marginated tortoise

    Hello, I’m new to the forum and I found this place because it seems like an amazing community to share some questions regarding tortoises. I bought my first ever baby marginated tortoise about 3 weeks ago and fell in love with him, I just had a few questions regarding my care to make sure he is...