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  1. TortoiseKeeper6

    6th largest tortoise species

    Largest tortoise species Galapagos Tortoise Second largest Aldabra Tortoise Third largest Sulcata Tortoise Fourth largest Burmese Mountain Tortoise Fifth largest Yellow Foot Sixth largest ???? I've been thinking about what could be the 6th largest tortoise species I think it might be a leopard...
  2. TortoiseKeeper6

    Are male mountain tortoises smaller than females?

    For most species of tortoises the female ends up bigger than the male but I can't find any info on this for the mountain tortoises. Thanks :):<3:
  3. TortoiseKeeper6

    Tortoises in the cold?

    Hi! I live in Colorado and in Colorado we get some pretty cold winters. I really wanted a sulcata tortoise or a mountain tortoise but my dreams are now crushed of getting one. :( Are there any good tortoises for Colorado? If so I don't mind big Tortoises. :):<3:
  4. TortoiseKeeper6

    Is there a difference in personality between a male and female tortoise?

    Just like the title. Is there a difference in personality between a male and female tortoises if so what are these differences?
  5. TortoiseKeeper6

    Can I keep an iguana with a tortoise?

    Hi! I don't have any reptile just yet but I will. I couldn't decide between an iguana or a tortoise so I decided I should get both. So that leaves the question can they be kept together or does it depend on what kind of species they are. Thanks! :):<3:
  6. TortoiseKeeper6

    Hello Tortoise Forums!

    My name is TortoiseKeeper6 but I don't own any Tortoises yet. I'll get one then my name will make sense. ;):<3: