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  1. Warren

    Sammy's new pool and shower

    Just wanted to share a few pictures of Sulcata Sammy's new pool and shower. He has not been in it yet, still too cold here in Baltimore.
  2. Warren

    MicroChipping my Sucata Tortoise

    Would like to know in what part of the body is the safest place for a microchip to be inserted. I've seen and read about the back leg, but read on this forum about chips coming out. Seen on YouTube that they put the chip in the front shoulder, just wondering which is the safest. I live in...
  3. Warren

    Prickly Cactus Pear fruit

    Have a guestion on how many and how often can I feed my 23 pound Sucata prickly pear fruit. I was reading another post on this forum that showed s Sucata eating a prickly pear fruit, so I gave him one. He loved it, but him eating the seeds scares me. He likes the pads and how can I preserve some...
  4. Warren

    Sucata rear leg spurs

    Today my wife notice that Sammy was walking with a limp, when I checked him I notice the large spur on his left leg was bleeding. It looks like he may have got it hung up on something, I notice the spur is cracked at the top and loose. I cleaned it up and put a little neoprene on it. The...
  5. Warren

    Help identifying a water turtle I found today.

    Today I was working in my garden at the park, they have community garden plots you can rent each year. I found this baby turtle at the garden, there is a large fresh water pond there. The pond is about 300 yards from the garden, it has many different kinds of turtle. Let me know what you thing.I...
  6. Warren

    Mazuri LS Tortoise Diet

    Just wanted to ask if any other users of Mazuri LS has had a problem with very small bugs in the food. First notice them months ago in the water dish next to the Mazuri LS in the morning when I would feed my Sulcata. I thought they were coming out of the cypress munch to get a drink, which I...