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  1. AngieMac

    Cinnamon and Nutmeg

    These guys love their fresh weeds and succulents. Every second week I replant fresh ones for them. Aren't my babies adorable.
  2. AngieMac

    My babies [emoji217][emoji173]

    Cinnamon had grown so much and her colours have become darker. She will he 2 months old on the 10th March. Today we welcomed a new baby named Nutmeg! I can't believe Cinnamon was this tiny! They grow so fast!
  3. AngieMac

    Fast asleep...

    Is the heat lamp all I need to keep her warm? Cinnamon is doing great and loves eating the plants growing in her tank.
  4. AngieMac

    Mom and baby

    I wanted to get some pics of mom and baby. Do you think they know?
  5. AngieMac

    My baby Angulate has hatched!

    Egg was laid on the 7th October 2018 and found this perfect little one yesterday. I have named him/her Cinnamon. I kept the egg exactly where mom laid it, just covered it to protect it. Weight is 18grams. Any advice would be great. Carol has been amazing this far.
  6. AngieMac

    What tortoise is this?

    Hi thrrr5. Can anyone tell me if this is an Angulate or something else?
  7. AngieMac


    Hi there. Does anyone know if she is also an Angulate?
  8. AngieMac

    Help! (male bit other male's foot)

    Hi there. I'm new to the group and had a horrid incident this afternoon. My bigger male had one of the smaller ones foot in his mouth and he wouldn't let go! I had to put them in water and he let go fairly quickly afterwards. This has never happened in the past. I am keeping them separated...