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  1. Turningstar

    Sulcata baby looking for a new home.

    Approximately 8-9 month old sulcata baby for adoption to knowledgeable tortoise home. I got him July 3rd, 2018, from The Turtle Source. I am looking for someone with experience who would like to take him and give him more time than I have to get him to thrive. Please feel free to take the time...
  2. Turningstar

    I think this may be the start of the downhill slide..[emoji22]

    I think our baby, Sheldon, may finally be succombing to his breeder failure. He was 4-5 months old when we got him, and is now about 9 months old. Still hasnt really grown or gained weight, despite all the right care. Something happened last night to the power at his tank, and the heater didnt...
  3. Turningstar

    The Turtle Source- a customer review.

    At the end of June 2018, I purchased 2 18-20 week old "well started" sulcata hatchlings from The Turtle Source. Both were to be hatchlings with extra scutes. I had seen them on youtube and heard that they were one of the largest breeders of turtles and tortoises in the southeast, and since they...
  4. Turningstar

    CHE and thermostat recommendations for 2x8 closed chamber?

    Just finished the closed chamber, but I noticed that my temp gauge shows that it dropped to 78.8 at night, even though thermostat was set at 81. Reset it at 83, and checked to make sure it worked. Gor up this morning and the temp probe said 80.1, and CHE was off and cold. The summer nights arent...
  5. Turningstar

    Light and heating double check because Im paranoid!

    Just finished the closed chamber yesterday. I have a 36" uvb tube light and a 65 watt flood basking bulb. Night heat is a 100 watt che on a thermostat set for 80. Tank is on the porch and its super hot right now, so with the tube light and basking bulb on, ambient temps are 93° near the...
  6. Turningstar

    Anyone know what kind of plant this is?

    Its a low light plant from Lowes.... ?
  7. Turningstar

    Zilla and Shelldon not gaining weight...

    Weve had them for approximately 3 weeks or so. I weighed them on 7/6 and they were 62 and 65 grams. I just weighed them after a short soak and they were 62 and 63 grams. They eat escarole, some romaine and collard greens occasionally, weeds and grass, mazuri pellets and I just started giving...
  8. Turningstar

    Lighting options for new (upcoming) enclosures?

    Looking for ideas on lighting for the 2 2x8x18" tall closed chamber enclosures for my sulcata hatchlings. Im thinking of a che on each side for night heat, a basking bulb and also tube lights for general lighting. There are so many different bulbs, fixtures out there that Im confusing myself...
  9. Turningstar

    Yay!! Starting new enclosure!

    Finally got a start on the new closed chamber enclosure for the sulcatas! I loooove building projects, but constructing something with a 7 year old, 5 year old and especially a needy 9 month old, takes FOREVER..... Got the base done today. 2 feet by 8 feet long. I still need to add 2 more legs...
  10. Turningstar

    Shelldon and Tortzilla

    Our kids. Seem happy and healthy. Soon to be separated. Both are 2.5" long. Havent weighed them yet..
  11. Turningstar

    Idea for greenhouse baby habitat... Suggestions?

    Afternoon all! We received our 5 month old sulcatas last week, and after following all the suggestions I was given for their house, they are doing well. I am fully aware of how quickly they will outgrow their enclosure and that I will most likely need to separate them, so now Im planning their...
  12. Turningstar

    Is this setup okay for sulcata hatchlings?

    Zoo med tortoise house with forest floor bedding and some sphagnum moss. (Accidentally bought organic potting MIX instead of soil, so no dirt right now) Covered side-84°, 88% humidity Basking spot is a brick paver-97° , 47% humidity Cool side of wire top enclosure away from basking spot is 86°...
  13. Turningstar

    Which species for our upcomimg outdoor habitat?

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum (and tortoise owning in general). Recently, my son has become very interested in reptiles and would like to get a turtle or tortoise. My husband and I have always been interested in owning one, but have never bitten the bullet so to speak. I would prefer...