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  1. zenoandthetortoise

    The old age question, revisited

    As the original thread was closed, I'll revisit on my own. It is reductionist (and circular) to state that nothing dies of old age, but only specific organ failure, when age may in fact be the cause of the organ failure. That would be the equivalent of listing 'heart stopped' as cause of...
  2. zenoandthetortoise

    A Festivus Miracle!

    So a few days ago my neighbor mentions she has a 40 gallon terrarium for $25. Thinking that my long awaited box turtle plan was finally coming together, I jumped at the chance. The one caveat was that I had to clean out the wood shavings-filled terrarium that had once housed their bearded...
  3. zenoandthetortoise

    The Manourian Candidate

    So I'm having a good day. 50gr. 5.7cm Thanks @HermanniChris
  4. zenoandthetortoise

    Why the leopard tortoise name change?

    For those who care about such things. When genes meet nomenclature: tortoise phylogeny and the shifting generic concepts of Testudo and Geochelone. AuthorsFritz U, et al. Show all Journal Zoology (Jena). 2007;110(4):298-307. Epub 2007 Jul 3. Affiliation Erratum in Zoology (Jena)...
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    Do Red-foots Burrow? New evidence

    Not super effective, but high marks for effort and overall mud wallowing
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    Just kidding :) That's a nickel for scale
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    Tortoise Supply

    Not sure how helpful yet another positive review will be, but just received a hatchling from Tortoise Supply and every aspect of the transaction from multiple communications, delivery time and tort health were exemplary. Tyler was a pleasure to deal with and marginated hatchling was eating...
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    Plant nutrient database

    Check out this site: If you select "vegetables" as food group, you can select say calcium and phosphorous as nutrients to get the all important ratio for a huge variety of plants.
  9. zenoandthetortoise

    Bombastic Pontificating- Rogue evolution thread

    Ok, Cdmay, here's a new thread to continue to discuss if you're still interested. I'm not going to have time to address all the very relevant points you made tonight, but one correction simply cannot wait and that is that is that bit about not messing with mathematicians. Mathematicians are in...
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    Should I be worried?

    So if my posts aren't appearing, does that mean I've angered the mods? ( pun intended)
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    Too bad this was closed (the evolution debate)

    And these pesky fossils?
  12. zenoandthetortoise

    What happens when you spill your salad

    Luckily no dressing was involved :) [hr] 'What happens when you spill your salad' was the intended title
  13. zenoandthetortoise

    What if tortoises could swim?

    Okay I know many tortoises can swim, but check this guy out. He's a peninsula cooter (all 10 grams of him) that was getting pummeled in a tank full of sliders twice his size and with twice the attitude. Somewhat of an impulse/rescue buy. Anyway, they are supposed to be carnivorous when young...
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    Howdy. I'm new here, longtime friend of turtles. Still new at app : I really

    [hr] I really need to finish my sentence :) Happy to be here, with me are Darwin, Huxley and Wallace. Cheers!