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  1. Hutsie B

    help me to worm my new Russian?

    How do you worm a tortoise that won't eat the wormer on food. My new Russian went to the vet and was wormed for pinworms with 3 doses sent home to be given every 10 days. Do you gently pry open their mouth with like a wooden popcycle stick and put the medicine on the tongue? Any advice would be...
  2. Hutsie B

    special treat for RTs?

    I have a new adult RT that I just got. He ate his first day but not yesterday or today. I have soaked him twice. Is there a special treat that RTs LOVE? I know I have to give him time to acclimate, but once he feels comfortable I want to make sure he begins to eat. Any suggestions out there...
  3. Hutsie B

    new Russian won't eat

    Hi, My new Russian Tortoise that I have had three days still won't eat. He is basking and walking around his new habitat and digging in some and sleeping. I have soaked him and offered him mixed greens, Romaine lettuce and Kale and hibiscus flowers. Is he just getting used to his new habitat...
  4. Hutsie B

    New Russian

    I just got a new almost adult male Russian Tortoise. He is in his new digs getting used to it. I just picked him up and like him. I am going to name him Russell the Russian Tortoise! I am hoping that he gets comfortable soon in his new habitat and starts to eat. He is in a 50 gallon rubbermaid...
  5. Hutsie B

    New to forum

    I have been trying for days to sign on to this forum and finally got it right. I am new to the forum but not new to turtles and tortoises. I am 62 and have had turtles and tortoises all my life. I look forward to being a part of this community.
  6. Hutsie B

    turtle incubator

    Where can I find a source for a turtle egg incubator?
  7. Hutsie B

    New Ornate Painted turtles

    I just added a male and female ornate painted turtles to my collection. THey already ate today and seem to be adjusting really well. The male is 5" and the female is 7". I am hoping to breed them when they are ready. My only problem is that they are used to eating some beef heart and I can't get...
  8. Hutsie B

    hatchling stopped eating

    One of my painted turlte hatchlings stopped eating. Temps are good and it has a nice hiding area. It was eating bloodworms, but has stopped and won't eat the reptosticks the other hatchling eats. It is in shallow water. any suggestions?
  9. Hutsie B

    honduras painted wood turtle and central american ornate wood turtles

    I have 4 Central American Ornate Wood turtle juveniles and hatchlings and one Honduras Painted Wood turtle or Mexican Red turlte. How many of you are out there that also have these species? I am enjoying them quite a bit, but can't get them to eat a variety of food. They all are sort of stuck on...
  10. Hutsie B

    Need help with homes

    I have two Sulcattas that are 10 inches and 9 inches big at this time. Because of my health I need to find new homes for these turtles. We can wait til spring or summer to ship, will pay shipping and give them to new home.Please respond, they are healthy, though have a little pyramiding due to...
  11. Hutsie B

    Mazuri tortoise diet

    How much do you feed the Mazuri tortoise diet and how often? Every day? Or a few times a week? Mine love it.
  12. Hutsie B

    egg binding

    do female Sulcatas get egg bound if they have not bred? Do they produce eggs if they have not been bred?
  13. Hutsie B

    How about Romaine?

    How about feeding Sulcatas Romaine lettuce with their other diet?
  14. Hutsie B

    hello all tortoise and turtle lovers

    Hello there all turtle and tortoise lovers. I used to be on this site but had some seizures and forgot all about it. I am glad to be back. I am 60 years old, female and have had turtles for over 40 years. I have had a lot of different turtles and tortoises but now I have 2 Heosemys Grandis and 2...
  15. Hutsie B

    Wondering About Pyramiding

    I am also wondering about pyramiding for my Sulcatas. OF the two, one started pyramiding last spring and the other this late summer. THey have had a diet of hay and grazing outside all summer. I also feed them some greens with the Mazuri tortoise diet pellets soaked in water. I mist them and...