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    Looking for tortoise ID

    I'm looking for an ID on this tortoise...
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    Question for Southern Tortoise Keepers

    For those of you who keep tortoises outdoors in the SE United States... have any of you noticed a behavior change with the current high pollen count?
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    Aldabra Tortosise Paper

    I just found a copy of a paper on the captive breeding of an Aldabra. It is from a 1983 IHS account. If anyone is interested... email me at [email protected]
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    Another Tortoise Farm

    This is kind of related to the other tortoise farm post only it is more exotic. These are the kinds of places and the thing some of us only dream of doing. As far as tortoises go the 2 main species are Aldabras and Radiateds. I'll start with Mauritius... This is La Vanille Crocodile...
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    Slovenian tortoise farm pt3

    I need to wrap this up... Then they have these little tortoises... this is obviously captive raised... and very well captive raised. This farm has been breeding this species for over twenty years... so I've been told. I do believe them. These will be available in the EU. Can't get them...
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    Slovenian tortoise farm pt2

    As the story goes... These Redfoots are obviously captive or farm raised and quite impressive. The farm breeds and raises other reptiles and amphibians... such as these European Pond turtles. Oh... forgot to mention these... Radiated tortoises... which I'm certain you will see...
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    Slovenian tortoise farm pt1

    You folks cannot imagine the work that went into this post... Well... as promissed... a photo essay on a Slovenian farm. These photos were taken by my friend Jim Pether. This is an amazing place... The tortoises are very well cared for. This is the breeding and adult holding...
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    Cold tolerant species

    My Aldabs just went in for the day. It was the 2 largest ones that were out. The little ones came out pretty early but went in just as early... The temps... started at 39... ended at 58. They have a heat mat in their hide... and that's it. Thursday supposed to hit the upper 20s. They're all...
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    Free Sulcatas

    That was cruel. The Sulcatas were free. Rehomers tell me they can't handle what they got and I offered to take all they have. I'm sure some of you have seen the exchange. I'm not a 'Rehomer'... I do rehome tortoises. I never sell them but these are some photos of this years intakes. This...
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    Best Friends

    I had these handy and thought to share... Big Al and the tortoise chicks... sounds like a good singing group... ...Let me tell ya bout my beeeeest friend... (you need to vote on this one)
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    Tortoise Trust

    Some of you might see this as trolling... that's not the intent. I don't have too many forums where I can ask this and I know many of you are members. Internet searches are not yielding too much information. My question is... what is a trust as it pertains to the TT? Is there a governing...
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    A 'Must Have' book...

    I just received my copy of South American Tortoises, Vinke and Vetter, Chimaira press (available Zoobook Sales, US). It is nothing short of fantastic as all of this series has been. This book addresses everything you could possibly ask concering Redfoots, Yellowfoots and Chacos. It was...
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    Sulcatas and Leopards

    I don't remember if I mentioned this here but excuse me if I did... I just recieved my very own copy of this new book on Sulcatas and Leopards. I'm quite pleased with it. It has been realeased. I hear that the author will be...
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    Redfoot eggs.

    I'm jazzed over this... I've had these redfoots for about 6 years. I raised them from 6 inches to adult and they are just now starting to lay eggs. I've gotten about 15 so far but none have proven to be fertile... yet. You can always tell when a tortoise is nesting... It was late in...
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    This is an 8 yearl old Aldabra. It was raised from 4 inches to the 25inches pictured. 1/2 lb to 100lb. Here's a couple of it's friends... This is where they all live... When you hear that knock you have to answer... Ed
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    Mazuri part 1

    WARNING... Intended for mature audiences. Another WARNING...Long... Get a Pint, Glass of wine or a Pop. This is another one of those posts I've been meaning to post and just never got around to it. These are observations and results of one tortoise keeper although there is similar...
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    Mazuri part 2

    My leopards have always been close to my heart. They have also been the most problematic tortoise I've ever kept from day one... 1978. I have not kept them all that time because before I left NY I got rid of those... 2 females, no male but I quickly got some in TX which I recently lost. Those...
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    Photo hosting

    I just thought I mention this here. I notice many people use Photobucket to host photos. I didn't like that you have to 'sign up' to load photos. I found this XS.TO which hosts photos with no sign up. Go to the website... down load photos... cut and paste the link you'd like to use... quite...
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    On keeping egyptian torts - split from contest

    That was like 8 years ago. I've got 2 Egyptians left... they are totally heart breakers. I lost the mom of those last year. What could I have done different?... so much.