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  1. Benda183

    Normal head peel?

    I’ve noticed Lucy’s head is getting more scaly and dry. Do I just soak her more or is there anything dietary that causes this?
  2. Benda183

    Which one to go with?

  3. Benda183

    What am I doing wrong? Humidity hating tortoise lol

    I’m struggling here…I’m new to tortoises and have had my rf for about a month now. She lives outside and I bring her in for the night where she lives in this box. I changed things recently to accommodate her behaviors and me trying to understand her needs. She had this box outside at first...
  4. Benda183

    Need some insight into red foot outdoor living

    Hi all this forum is heaven sent for me I tell you! being a new red foot mama, I’m stressing a lot trying to make a good home for my Lucy. For now she has a temporary place outside until we finish our wall and backyard. she loves being outside, but since I moved her box to a new more spacious...
  5. Benda183

    New and nervous red foot mama

    Hi my fellow tortoise parents :) My name is Petra and just little over a week ago I decided to buy my first red foot tortoise. I did some research first to make sure I can provide whatever she/he will need but I must be honest, I am struggling a little and searching forums and browsing internet...