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  1. Budbud62808

    Critique my box turtle

    Ok I know we have lots of things to fix. Here's a picture of his tank. He has a heat rock ( no idea the temp) and a water dish. He only gets produce (mostly iceberg :( lettuce, tomatoes, melon, strawberry). We use reptile bark for his bedding.. He has a mirror on his tank (after reading I think...
  2. Budbud62808

    What's normal behavior?

    I'm still new here. I've been reading post after post and gaining so much valuable information!! I'm wonder what you box turtles normal behavior is. Our box turtle is pretty old. My husband has had him for 25 years and he got him from a schmo teacher and we don't know how long she had him. He...
  3. Budbud62808

    New here! :)

    Hi, I just joined this evening. My husband and I have a box turtle, Budbud. He was given to my husband by his 2nd grade teacher. His parents have had this turtle for 23 years. Last august we took custody (hehe) of BudBud and brought him to live with us. As per my inlaws BudBud eats only produce...