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  1. Nami The tortoise

    Golden Greek Breeding

    Hey guys! I've been wanting to breed my male Golden Greek tortoise for awhile now. I have a very large set up that is room for a female and eggs, and I'm planning on adding space. If I decided to sell some of the offspring would I need a permit? I wouldn't be shipping and I wouldn't be selling...
  2. Nami The tortoise

    Picture of the new greek

    Sorry to keep you guys waiting.
  3. Nami The tortoise

    I got a greek?

    Okay! So I was planning on getting just the enclosure for my tortoise but my parents came home with a Greek! I was planning on getting a Russian but a " Tortoises expert" There said the Greeks were healthier and we should go with the young Greek! I love him! He has already explored his area! He...
  4. Nami The tortoise

    WANTED- Russian Tortoise

    Hello, sorry about the previous post please disregard that. I am looking for a Russian tortoise: It can be male or female, although I prefer it being a male...I would like it to be really young so nothing above 10. Thank you so much, it doesn't have to be in Austin just in the area...i'm...
  5. Nami The tortoise

    A new ornament :)

    I found this today in the store...
  6. Nami The tortoise

    Wanted-Russian female tortoise

    Hello- If you know anyone who has a Russian tort. for sale in the Austin area please P.M me, thank you.
  7. Nami The tortoise

    Picking out a tortoise

    Hey! :tort: I had some questions about how to pick out a Russian. What does a healthy one look like? How do you know it's a good one to get? Should you try to hold it first? ( Sorry for the newbie questions ) ;) Thanks:tort:
  8. Nami The tortoise

    A New Russian Tortoise

    Hey guys! I had a few questions about Russian 'torts'... I have had reptiles in the past and people in my family have had turtles but not tortoises.I'm getting one in a few days from now, as a early Christmas present :) So here we go: A) What do you feed your Russian? B) How big does the...