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  1. SallyTheTortoiseOwner

    Tortoise growth question

    How much will a 6 inch redfoot tortoise grow in a 75 gallon tank? Or will they even grow? (Yes I know they need more space but I got the little guy at petco before I knew that) also he/she gets the right amount of humidity and a good diet
  2. SallyTheTortoiseOwner

    Fruit flies

    I currently have a problem with fruit flies in my indoor tortoises enclosure, can anyone reccomend me something I can buy online to make them go away? I tried a diy method but it didnt work, thanks
  3. SallyTheTortoiseOwner

    My tortoise and its enclosure

    I have a redfoot I named sally even though I'm not totally sure shes a female. I currently live in a small apartment with a even smaller room. When I got her I had no idea she would need so much space. That being said I have her in a 75 gallon enclosure which is the most I can fit in my room...
  4. SallyTheTortoiseOwner

    Need advice about keeping two together

    I have a female redfoot who is about 6 inches, (I'm guessing it's a female due to the shape of the plastron) I wanna get another well started redfoot hatchling and as you know it's hard to tell the sex of the species that young. That being said I know you can't house a Male and a female...
  5. SallyTheTortoiseOwner

    Does my cherry head look healthy?

    Hello I recently bought a redfoot tortoise from Petco about a month or 2 ago, I wanted to post pictures of her so you guys can tell me if she looks healthy or if there's anything unusual about her Btw she was pyramiding like this when I got her and I took her out her enclosure to take these pictures